Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Tears For Himself, None For The Real Victim…

The typical hallmark of the status dog-owner:
Mr Roberts says he has offered to:
*Pay Mrs Abbotts’ vet-bills;
*Pay to have Tilly cremated;
*Buy another dog for the devastated widow.
But as you said yourself about your own pet out-of-control killing machine, ‘it’s not just a mobile phone’, so how can you expect to replace hers..?
The traffic management worker said: “I’m not even allowed to know where they’re keeping KC. It’s as if they’ve confiscated a mobile phone. I think it’s well over-the-top.”
I think it’s ‘well over the top’ when an elderly lady’s beloved pet is savaged to death in front of her because you let a 12 year old walk an animal she clearly couldn't control.

Which seems to be quite a frequent aspect of these incidents.


Dioclese said...

Well said.

Bucko said...

"I’m not even allowed to know where they’re keeping KC"

He's down the Boogie Lounge with The Sunshine Band.

JuliaM said...