Thursday, 12 July 2018

The Latest Moral Panic...

At so-called uck parties, also known as line ups, girls as young as 13 are plied with alcohol and drugs and then expected to perform sex acts on multiple men, or possibly face violence.
Some victims think they are attending an ordinary party and have no idea what awaits them. The parties are “happening in London and are one of many ways young people are exploited”, one charity said. Serrina Lobban, who leads Barnardo’s Stop It Before It Starts in Barking and Dagenham, said footage from the events is then often used to “blackmail or shame” girls online.
Hmmm, let me guess, this means you need 'more resources' to stop this?

So, is it a danger to any young girl?
Ms Lobban said some of the teenagers her team work with may have attended these parties, and almost all have seen explicit videos of young people shared on “bait out pages” online. “We have seen children going on ‘bait out’ pages, where the people running them will say they are ‘exposing hos’ in a certain borough,” she said.”
Ooh, I'm getting a sense of the sort of demographic we might be talking about (without actually talking about it, of course!) here...
While uck parties or line-ups are not explicitly linked to London gangs, it is believed that many of young people attending will be a member of or know someone in a gang.


Fahrenheit211 said...

I did wonder whether this was empty moral panic and shroud waving, but the fact that the Met Police have raided a kebab shop in Bethnal Green that was thought to be connected with these alleged parties, seems to me that the intelligence and evidence was strong enough to get Tower Hamlets council to remove their alcohol licences. My view on this, as I state at my place, is that this may be gang related but this could also be another manifestation of the Islamic Rape Gang phenomenon.

Just Trevor said...

I can't begin to imagine the disappointment those girls must feel when they arrive at a party to discover the promise of cucumber sandwiches and lashings of home-made lemonade was just a cruel ruse.

Tom Mein said...

While the rest of the country is constantly lectured by people from London, this sort of thing is going on in their own back yard.
What has Mr Khan got to say about this?

MTG said...

Sidiq and Dick blame Barnado's for 'grassing them up'. The former have been doing their best to keep a lid on news of rocketing cases of child sex abuse in the capital.

"Here in London, you are free to be whoever you want to be, and love whoever you want to love." - Sadiq Khan on Twitter.