Friday, 14 February 2020

In Loco Parentis..?

A secondary school pupil has been told to stay at home “for his own safety” after being beaten up twice since December.
The boy’s mum claims her 16-year-old son, who attends Cecil Jones Academy (Ed: yeah, this place...), has been kept in isolation at school, and has now been told to stay at home by senior leaders.
The advice comes after he was beaten up by a 13-strong gang twice in two months.
That includes one attack outside the school, in Eastern Avenue, Southend, in early December, in which the gang waited for her son outside the nearby McDonald’s and chased him to Garon Park. His mum claims they then attacked him and threatened him with a knife.
The second, on Wednesday last week, saw him attacked on the school grounds.
And the best the school - sorry, 'academy' - can do is suggest he doesn't come in?
The 46-year-old said: “My son has been put in isolation and told to stay at home, while the bullies are still allowed to go to lessons. They’ve been allowed to walk free.
“I don’t know where to turn. He’s got his GCSEs coming up this year. His mental health is really suffering.
“I’m now forking out hundreds of pounds for private tuition for him.
“There was an incident while we were sat inside the headteacher’s office last week. The gang called my son and threatened him with a knife. The phone was on speaker, they heard it all [but] they are treating him like a criminal.”
Hmmmm. This is criminal. What are the police doing?
The Loxford School Trust, which runs Cecil Jones Academy, stated that it could not comment on an ongoing police investigation, but it reassured parents that the safety of pupils is of “paramount concern”.
Essex Police confirmed an investigation has been launched following reports a teenage boy was assaulted by a group of people in Southend. Anyone with information on the incidents should call Essex Police on 101.
Ah. Like I suspected. Sod all.


wpc jagged said...

their is not nuffin we can do if these kids was not speedin at 31 mph or thinking stuff we does not like

JuliaM said...

They better not send any rude tweets though...