Thursday, 27 February 2020

Your Conscience Has Consequence...But Not For You

Two men recruited into drug dealing in Bournemouth have been spared a prison term after a judge said such a decision would be akin to a "death sentence".
Morgan Okhiria, 23, and Abdifathi Ibrahim, 18, were arrested in Suffolk Road on October 20 after drawing the attention of two police officers in plain clothes.
Between them, they had packages of crack cocaine and heroin worth more than £2,500 in their pockets.
Neither of the defendants had even visited Bournemouth or been in trouble with the police before, and Ibrahim, who was just 17 at the time of the offence, suffers poor mental health.
That was in 2018. Fast forward, and it seems his 'poor mental health' hasn't improved:
This is the moment a homeless man was drop-kicked and stamped on by a gang of thugs outside McDonald's.
Abdifathi Ibrahim, 20, was among the violent mob who carried out the unprovoked attack in broad daylight in Bristol city centre.Ibrahim was jailed on Thursday for four and a half years by Judge Euan Ambrose at Bristol Crown Court.
Prosecutor James Haskell told the court it was pure luck that the victim was not seriously hurt from the unprovoked attack.
Now, it's entirely possible that this is a different mentally-challenged violent Somali youth of the same age and name. After all, the progressives have enriched our country so much.

But I'm betting it's the same one.
Mark Linehan, mitigating for Ibrahim, said the Somalian-born defendant had suffered "elements of neglect" in his childhood.
Judge Stephen Climie said the defendants were both "fairly classic candidates for a drugs operation", and raised particular concerns for Ibrahim.
"It could be a possible death sentence if I send him to custody - that's my assessment of it," he said.
"I am satisfied in both cases they were being put to work by others. That is quite clear.
"Just watching them, it's apparent that there's fear there."
And now it's everyone else who needs to fear. Well done, judge!
Ibrahim, of Halston Drive, Bristol, was sentenced to a three-year community order with 35 rehabilitation activity requirement days.
Okhiria, of Haredon Close, London, was also sentenced to a three-year community order, but will also carry out 150 hours of unpaid work and be the subject of a two-month curfew.
"I reserve any breaches of this order," Judge Climie said.
"This is an opportunity for you both to live real lives, however difficult life has been to date.
"This is your chance. Take it or don't, but that will be at your peril."
But it wasn't at his peril, was it?


Robert the Biker said...

Apparently these Oompa-Loomas are sacred and cant be banged up. Until and unless their victims start leaving them dead in the gutter, this TNB will continue.

bloke in Germany said...

Great! So it's now no longer illegal to do something illegal if you can say someone told you to do it!

Robert the Biker said...

It helps your case if you have certain "protected" characteristics
Being somewhat of the Brown persuasion
Being a girly - the more mental the better
Being a gypo or some other form of itinerant scally
Not being able to decide if you're a boy or a girl
Being a 'slim, preferably of the useless unassimilable type

The rest of us? Not so much! Isn't equal justice for all wonderful!

staybryte said...

Importing Somalians.

One question.


JuliaM said...

"mporting Somalians.

One question.


Beats me!