Saturday, 1 February 2020

No, It's Us, The Public And Taxpayers, That Need The Help...

Sitting at Nottingham Crown Court, Judge Steven Coupland told her: "There is some hope you will stop committing these offences.
"There has been some progress with community orders. You are somebody who needs help to stop behaving in this way."
There's no hope, really, is there?
He refused an application to ban her from entering Mansfield Civic Centre, where four of the attacks took place.
The court heard that she needs to visit the district council offices for vital services.
Translation: She needs to soak the taxpayer even more.
Tom Edwards, mitigating, said that Godson has learning problems and told the judge: "The psychiatrist says that without intervention, there will be no change.
"These are increasing personality traits rather than episodic moments of madness. This is a person who needs help."
Expensive help...
He said that it would be wrong to ban her from the council offices for three years because she needs to go there for a range of services.
Mr Edwards went on: "She has a chaotic lifestyle and doesn't regularly use a phone. The reality is that it would hinder her life for the next three years."
Yes, well, that's what we call 'consequences', isn't it? And why on earth should she be allowed to hinder others' lives instead?
And he said that Godson, who had no settled address, needed help to get in a "much better state" which would help the public.
What will 'help the public' is for her to no longer be at large among them.

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