Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Just Another Night Out In Grays...

Adam Price got into a fight with two people on Grays High Street after he was drunkenly walking around asking for violence.
When the two people he started on armed themselves and assaulted him in return, he fled up the high street, and returned with a sword, swinging it around.
Adam was clearly never told to be careful what you ask for....
The 29-year-old's sister Rosie Price, 24, tried multiple times to calm the situation, but anger overcame her and she threw a brick in the direction of the two men.
*rolls eyes*
The incident happened in June 2018, but later the same year, Price drew his sword again.
What, he was allowed to keep it after the first time?
He came to his partner's home where she was there with two children, and in his drunken state, dropped a pizza on the floor.
When his partner asked him to pick it up, he became enraged and hurled abuse at her, assaulted her and broke her phone. The woman fled the home to her neighbour who called the police.
At this point, Price took off his shirt, got his sword and started hacking the front door of the neighbour's home, where three children were cowering in fear.
Lovely! Pity the cops didn't turn up armed and do society a favour...
Adam and Rosie Price, of Park Avenue and Lodge Lane, Grays, appeared at Basildon Crown Court today for sentencing.
Adam Price admitted affray, two counts of possessing a sword, two counts of criminal damage and common assault.
Rosie Price was previously found guilty of affray in relation to her brick-throwing.
Can't wait for the mitigation...
Mitigation for Rosie Price said her involvement was minimal and had resulted in her anger getting the better of her after trying to peacefully calm her brother and the situation.
Mitigation for Adam Price said that he has long suffered with a disjointed education and cannot read or write, but he is attending literacy classes in prison and was remorseful for his actions.
Who on earth would belie...

Oh. Of course.
Judge Samantha Cohen (Ed: Oh...) told Adam Price he had behaved in an "aggressive, violent and outrageous way" saying his partner and children "would have been utterly terrified" of his attacks with a sword.
Rosie Price received a 12 month community order and 30 days rehabilitation.
Adam Price received six months for affray, 15 and 16 months for possessing the sword on two occasions, to run consecutively. He received concurrent sentences for criminal damage and assault, totalling three years and one month in jail.
Why the difference?


Anonymous said...

Probably because he was the one with the sword, you know, the one who might actually have done some GBH? Or was it because he was the one with the pork sword ...

But on the other hand, he didn't actually hurt anyone with the sword.

Ted Treen said...

Isn't there a wise old saw concerning those who live by the sword? Should it not be applied?

Just Trevor said...

When I first became acquainted with Grays just over twenty years ago I used to rather enjoy shopping there. Yes, it was very obviously past its best, a bit down-at-heel, but not unpleasant and certainly quite safe. Its other main selling-point was that it wasn't Lakeside. Then things started to deteriorate and it began to be not so pleasant or safe. This seemed to to happen at the same time as a noticeable change in the demography of the area (obviously a mere coincidence, how could it be anything else?). A couple of years ago I was there when a fight erupted out of nowhere: two men were rolling around energetically on the floor - and not in a gay way. Now, I've always been interested in people anthropologically and can usually figure out their ethnic group, where they are from, what language they are likely to speak and so on, but this pair had me stumped. They could have been extras in that old Omar Sharif film Genghis Khan, so some species of Central Asian was my best guess. What are such people doing in Grays? It's bad enough that we have detritus from the Commonwealth, sorry I mean, they certainly weren't Windrush gems.

JuliaM said...

"But on the other hand, he didn't actually hurt anyone with the sword."

Too drunk, or too inept?

"Should it not be applied?"

*nods enthusiastically*

"When I first became acquainted with Grays just over twenty years ago I used to rather enjoy shopping there."

I haven't been for about 8 years. I've no desire to see how it's changed!