Thursday, 6 February 2020

What Are They 'Safeguarding' Them From..?

The Cornelius Vermuyden School, in Dinant Avenue, Canvey has been ordered to improve by Ofsted.
As part of a critical report, inspectors raised concerns about lessons being repeated.
A culture of reading is not established and systems to improve the reading skills of the weakest pupils are in early stages.
“Too many pupils are not able to fully access the curriculum because of a low reading ability.”
Translation: They are neglected at home.

I could read and write before I was in school, because my parents and grandparents taught me.

I didn't have 'behavioural issues', either:
It adds: “Behaviour, although improving, is not yet good enough. Pupils are prevented from learning in too many lessons due to the poor behaviour of a minority of pupils.
“Teachers are not consistently using the behaviour systems to manage their classrooms and some need further support and training.”
Or sacking.
The academy, which was rated as ‘good’ in May 2015, was, however, praised for safeguarding the pupils.
From what..?


Anonymous said...

Like you I was taught to read and write by family. I was much better at reading than writing as I didn't really have good motor skills at first.

The assumption of good reading and writing skills at or after A level is probably wrong for many, even University entrants, in my experience as a Senior Professor in an engineering discipline.

MTG said...

Primary school was far too slow for myself and other young fans of the Eagle and Wizard. In those days, if you wanted to fully enjoy Dan Dare, you acquired literacy by any means other than school.

Those who never got the hang of it quickly, never did. Isn't that so, Jaded?

Robert the Biker said...

"From what..? "
Probably from that terrible predator whose name is Thought.
Teachers used to whack the little bastards to keep them in line, of course that was when teachers were men, not soft little girly-poos or any of the deranged alphabet brigade.

Anonymous said...

We can't sack them, nobody wants the rotten job so they can't be replaced. We allow vexatious lawyers to pray on the armed forces and wonder why we can't recruit soldiers. We don't support the police or prison staff and when they leave we wonder why we are short of them and nobody wants the job. We need to wake up and start to see things as they really are if we want a civilised country to live in.

bloke in Germany said...


Does being a Senior Professor mean you get a High Chair?

Dr Evil said...

I could read before I went to school. My mother taught me. It really isn't difficult when you have an alphabet of only 26 characters.

John Tee said...

"From what..? "

Reality probably. It's why so many struggle to cope with it when they eventually leave school.

JuliaM said...

"The assumption of good reading and writing skills at or after A level is probably wrong for many, even University entrants..."

Sad, when we've never had more access to reading material than today.

"Probably from that terrible predator whose name is Thought."

And that's even more sad, because it's almost certainly true...