Monday, 3 February 2020

Stop Looking To 'The Government'..!

The jury found Ian Slater and Alex Stephens guilty of murder, while King and Pearson were found guilty of manslaughter.
Speaking after the verdict, Courtney's grandfather, VC Brown, said: "Courtney was a cheeky, but loveable person. He was a son, a brother, a nephew, an uncle, a cousin and a friend to many."
Yes, it pays to be friendly when you're a drug dealer...
"He was full of gifts and talents, but all that was taken away when he was murdered on Thursday 21 February, 2019, the week after his 36th birthday."
If he really had been 'full of gifts and talent', he wouldn't have been a persistent offender, living in what amounted to a squat...
"Yet again we have another grieving family standing here because a loved one has been murdered as a result of knife crime
"When will people realise you are more likely to use a weapon if you are carrying one."
When will people realise if you deal drugs, you're more likely to wind up dead?
"...Courtney was murdered - never to get married, never to have children, and never to fulfil his dreams."
His dreams of what, exactly?
"Now we are asking the Government to find answers. Don't be the #TooLateGovernment where you only turn up after the event. Help the police to police. How can law and order be expected, if we do not have the personnel on the streets."
How can law and order be expected when families turn a blind eye to the breaking of that law by their family members?
"In the event of a fire, an alarm sounds, in the event of a flood, we get a warning. However, with this knife crime epidemic, we have grieving mothers, fathers and families sounding the alarm - we are saying ‘enough is enough’, something has to be done.
"So we would like to take this opportunity to appeal to the government to help find the solution to this problem, so that no other family needs to go through this heart-breaking process."
The government has found the solution; it locks up drug dealers. What happens to them after that is in their own hands.


The Jannie said...

"Courtney was a cheeky, but loveable person . . and a friend to many."?
Aren't they always

Just Trevor said...

Was he an aspiring aspirer, by any chance?

selsey.steve said...

Rodrigo Roa Duterte, the President of the Philippines, seems to have the right idea with regards to drug dealers.
He told the Police to shoot them. Illegal drug consumption in the Philippines is dropping drastically.
I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

".......never to have children......"
Thank f*ck for that.

Unknown said...

The solution will be just as predictable as all such solutions: ban something. Already Viners are producing pointless knives that supposedly cannot be used for stabbing, how long before someone tries to make them mandatory?

JuliaM said...

"Aren't they always"

Yup, 'cheeky and loveable' is a red flag these days.

"Was he an aspiring aspirer, by any chance?"

Heh! When he appeared at Snaresbrook, it was self-evident he was mad as a box of frogs. Idiot female judge still let him represent himself, though.

"Thank f*ck for that."

Oh, quite! Our gene pool needs that chlorine!

JuliaM said...

"... how long before someone tries to make them mandatory?"

I've no doubt some think tank is working on it...