Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Yes, Ladies, Equality Legislation Applies To You Too…

Supporters of a women's refuge were 'shocked and stunned' to be told it is being closed - because it does not cater for men.
Hey, left-wingers! Didn’t this sort of thing occur to you when you pushed forward all that ‘gender neutral’ legislation?

Did you think, when you pushed your agenda of ‘non-discrimination’, and celebrated when men-only golf clubs and social clubs had to change their rules or close, that it wouldn’t apply to any of your sacred causes?

Well, think again:
But council officials have now ruled that, because it does not serve both sexes equally, the money used to run the home would be better spent on an 'outreach service' to help battered husbands as well as wives in their own homes.
Heh! I do like seeing the left hoist by their own petard…

The usual suspects are squealing like slaughtered pigs as a result:
Brian Ellis, a councillor who helped set up the refuge in Weymouth, Dorset, in 1986, branded the move a 'step backwards'.

'It doesn't make sense,' he said. 'The women are there because of what men have done to them and their children. When people suffer from domestic violence they need an immediate escape and that's being taken away.'
Yes. ‘People’.

Men suffer from it too, and this refuge, by barring them, is not merely being unfair to men who are abused, but also to women who have teenage sons.
A domestic violence outreach worker, who asked not to be named, said she was shocked and added: 'If there was a need for this 20 years ago then I see why not now. They are always full and there are women constantly trying to get in. I just don't understand it.'
It’s called ‘equality’ and ‘gender neutral service provision’, love…
Dorset County Council confirmed that one reason for closure was the lack of facilities for men.

A spokesman said: 'We want to make sure both men and women are catered for and we are not able to do that within the small building.'
So, they will provide an equal service in a larger building. Should be paradise, right?
Anthony Wilsdon, spokesman for Supporting People, said the new outreach service would help more people. He said: 'We have identified a need to support more people in their own homes.

'There is also a need to make support open to male victims and families with older male children.'
Can’t argue with that, can you, left wingers? It’s what you campaign for.

So suck it up!


Sue said...

There are thousands of women's organisations and refuges in the UK, especially for minority women. Will they all have to close now?

It's all very well saying the refuges need to be accessible to men but some of the wives of Islamic barbarian husbands need real protection and all men need to be kept away.

There has to be a sensible solution here. Some refuges have to stay women only, some can be mixed and some have to be men only...

These socialists continue to shoot themselves in the foot with their ridiculous policies.

Angry Exile said...


As Sue said, self inflicted stupidity.

Eckersalld said...

That's insane, but then so are most of the left.

Like Sue said, there's a real need for refuges for women.

Male victims do need help, but rarely refuges, especially given patriarchal Asian and Muslim communities views on women (refuges contain a frighteningly disproportionate number of Asian and Muslim women) with regards to honour killings and disfigurements.

Some people really need educating in the laws of unintended consequences don't they?

Anonymous said...


JuliaM said...

"There has to be a sensible solution here. "

Don't expect to see one anytime soon... :)

"As Sue said, self inflicted stupidity."

Yes. I actually agree that seperate refuges is a good idea, as long as there's enough places for all, but it's hard not to smile at the progressives hoist by their own petard.

"Some people really need educating in the laws of unintended consequences don't they?"

They clearly either don't think these things through, or mistakenly believe that they won't be applied to their own sacred cows...

roym said...

so some unfortunates will now have no place to turn to but as long you get your chuckles...

perhaps you should pour some of your excess bile into what a solution should look like

Rob said...

I believe the precise term is "blowback".

JuliaM said...

"perhaps you should pour some of your excess bile into what a solution should look like"

Hey, if the dim, dumb 'progressives' can't figure this out, who am I to offer up any pearls of wisdom...? ;)

sobers said...

'so some unfortunates will now have no place to turn to but as long you get your chuckles...

perhaps you should pour some of your excess bile into what a solution should look like'

How about repealing the ludicrous 'equality' laws that have caused this situation? Then you can have 'wimmin' only refuges, and I can have men only golf clubs. Deal?

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

A few years ago the loony ex had to be removed from the threshold after trying to kick the door in to get at my somewhat terrified daughter, and accordingly Dorset's PC PC's sent me a wedge of DV literature - all of it gay-themed. I suppose I should be glad they are at least acknowledging the concept of female on male DV now...

manwiddicombe said...

I guess this is what happens when you rush through new laws without properly assessing their impact.

Does this mean and end to women only swimming sessions in my local pool too (that doesn't have men only sessions)? Good.

Griblett said...

@ Roym

You pompous oaf.

The funnies are the left-dingers who never believed their shitty, illiberal rules would turn round and bite their authoritarian, spiteful arses.

For the women, especially the Asians and Muslims, it's a tragedy of Sabine proportions. For no doubt if they've got nowhere to go then they will end up as 'honour' victims.

I suggest you get your head out of your arse and see the post for what it is. A laugh-fest at the mendacious hoons who fell over themselves in the rush to get equality laws passed. And if today's witterings are anything to go by The Harridan still hasn't learnt a fucking thing.

Griblett said...

Hmmm, 'Sabine Women', probably not the best metaphor to illustrate the point but in my defence I claim Shiraz brain.

Got to stop commenting under the influence.

Doesn't stop me being right and roym being a fucking hoon though :)