Saturday, 5 September 2009

Children Of Men Progressives…

There’s a lot of questions over at the ‘Mail’ on the case of the teeny torturers:
Aged just ten and 11, the two sadistic brothers were already well known to police and social services.

So how, critics were asking last night, were they allowed to commit one of the most shocking crimes Britain has ever known.
Well, I think a clue might be found in the following paragraph, actually…
Yesterday they yawned in court as the horror of their crimes unfolded - and they escaped trial for attempted murder by pleading guilty to lesser charges.
Not enough of a clue?

Well, try this as well:
The horrific and protracted assault was carried out while the baby-faced culprits, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were supposedly under the care of scandal-hit Doncaster Social Services - and on the day that they should have been interviewed by police about an attack a week earlier.

The younger of the pair was on bail, his accomplice was being 'monitored' by a youth offending team after being placed on a supervision order.
In other words, they have never, ever faced anything like punishment, or ever been forced to take responsibility for their actions for anything, ever since their birth to equally-feckless and irresponsible parents.

So, it’s hardly surprising that, completely unchecked by the authorities in lieu of their non-parenting, they went on to commit even more horrifying crimes, is it?

But it wouldn’t be a ‘Mail’ story without at least one false moral panic:
The convicted brothers even used to watch the same Child's Play videos as Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, who were released from custody in 2001 after serving just eight years of their so-called life sentences.

This has been debunked time and again, but like Bush’s plastic turkey, it keeps appearing…

It’s difficult to see how any of the authorities supposedly tasked with dealing with these children, in the absence of anything that could be termed a ‘responsible adult’ in their lives, can hold their heads up:
Given that barely a day had passed without them abusing or assaulting someone in the weeks prior to their arrest, it ought to have been crystal clear to the police and social services that these boys, now aged 12 and ten, were poised to commit some terrible crime.

Yet even when they beat another hapless young lad to a pulp, in an apparent rehearsal of the chilling abduction and torture they would carry out a week later, the police failed to act decisively.

Worse, when the victim's parents identified his attackers to them, the 'investigating' officers warned them that they could get in trouble themselves - for 'bandying around names' without sufficient proof.
Hmm, it seems, as Iain Dale pointed out in the recent lorry driver case, that it’s perfectly OK when the police themselves do this:
” The tragic murder of the nine year old girl in a lorry in a layby near Peterborough is a terrible story. Her step father was found hanging nearby. Since the discovery the Police have publicly speculated that he assaulted his step daughter and then killed himself. I agree that this, on the face of it, looks the most likely explanation. But I question whether this should have been said publicly at this stage of their enquiries.”
But the ‘Mail’ does get one thing bang to rights – this case has been helped on its way by the progressive meddling that now infests all areas of the establishment:
This timorous approach perfectly exemplifies a seismic shift that has taken place in Britain over recent years.

It has seen us become a society where the 'rights' of unruly children take precedence over those of the neighbours they terrorise.
Now we see where this inevitably leads, will we see a rethink and wholesale reform?

I’m not putting money on it…


Vetnurse said...

I am tired of all the scum whatever their age having rights. Rights are earned not given.

Obsidian said...

We need to look again at punishments.

I suspect that after their first crime, were these kids taken somewhere quiet and private and birched, followed by some counselling, they wouldn't have misbehaved again.

We need to provide some pre-prison punishment to try and save some of these kids from continuing down the same road, it won't save all, but it'll save enough. Add into that some of the touchy-feely stuff that kids need, and you've a recipe for stopping potential monsters from becoming actual monsters.

JuliaM said...

"I am tired of all the scum whatever their age having rights. Rights are earned not given."

The 'Indy' was making a great deal out of the fact that these boys would 'benefit' (was there ever a more inappropriate word, in the circumstance?) from the furore over the Bulger killers High Court legal climbdown...

"I suspect that after their first crime, were these kids taken somewhere quiet and private and birched, followed by some counselling, they wouldn't have misbehaved again."

I'm not so sure - I suspect, given the chaotic home life (if it could be called that) - it would have merely reinforced their view that life is about as complicated as the Serenghetti.

You beat up the prey animals while watching out for the bigger predators, unless there's more of you than of them, and you can turn the tables.

The thing to do with this entire family was to:

a) stop them breeding, or at least, immediately remove any children, or
b) exterminate them with as little compunction as you would vermin.

But yet, it seems nothing was done.

I just wonder how many more families there are out there like this...

measured said...

I agree entirely that these boys were not held to account. Neither them nor their birth parents respected the system.

Basically one strike and they are out - ie children are only returned to reformed birth parents once so they do not go through a succession of foster parents.

Parents must submit written statements and attend meetings. If they do not comply, involve the wider family, change their housing, make them report to the police so they have to get out of bed in the mornings, make their lives unbearable until they accept responsibility for the behaviour of their children....It should be taken as read that a robust attitude will be adopted immediately. (not sure about your extermination bit :-))