Thursday 15 March 2012

The Out-Of-Control Beast* Should Have Got A .45 Calibre Bullet Between The Eyes...

The dog had to be shot by a marksman from Dartmoor Wildlife Park using a tranquilliser dart.
Oh, FFS! We're back to this utter farce, are we?

And interestingly, when looking for that backlink, it appears I picked up this story when it was first reported back in - believe it or not - August 2010.

Yes, that's right, that's not a typo. This case has taken 18 months to come to court.

And as for that destruction order the police were considering applying for, well, forget it:
Ali Rafati, for Libbey, said that for the last year, Dre had been held in a secure compound near Bristol without being walked, trained or having any human contact. He had now gone to the Doris Banham Trust, which would keep him for at least a year and hopefully be able to re-home him with the court's permission.
Jesus Christ Almighty! Can they please rehome it next door to the judge? Or this mouthpiece of a solicitor? Because if anyone deserved their arm chewed off, it'd be them.

Not the cop who risked her life on a (probably bogus) report of domestic violence for a woman who, frankly, wasn't worth the trouble:
Mr Verheijen said Libbey, 35, had five previous convictions for offences including excess alcohol, driving while disqualified and shoplifting while on bail.

Recently, police had taken away another dog from her household after it attacked a Jack Russell terrier, he said.

The animal was being tested on suspicion of being an American pit bull terrier, a banned breed.
Judge Miranda Robertshaw told her: "You knew it had a tendency to attack people in uniform.
"Those who own dogs like Dre have a greater responsibility to monitor them as closely as possible. You failed to do that.

"Police officers and those in uniform must themselves be protected and not exposed to any risk of this kind."

She told Libbey, the mother or carer of children aged 14, 11, five, three and nine months: "I am not going to send you to prison today, but if you breach or re-offend, being a mother will not save you from prison."
Except we all know it will...

* Am I talking about the dog? Errr, well, maybe I'll have to get back to you on that...

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