Thursday, 3 July 2014

And They Say There’s No Justice…

A mum-of-three (Ed: an appellation that always galls – she’s bred three children, that doesn’t make her a ‘mother’…) who converted her family’s home in to a drugs den has narrowly avoided jail.
Laurie Pearce, from Somercotes in Laindon, told a Basildon Crown Court judge that she grew 103 cannabis plants for personal use after a small batch of seeds got out of hand.
However, Judge Ian Graham dismissed her excuses, and sentenced her to 18 months in prison, suspended for 18 months, and 150 hours community service.
He said: “It is extraordinarily stupid for someone who says they care so much about their children to get involved in growing drugs.”
Her sob story must have been awesome
Mark Savage, mitigating, said Pearce, 35, worked part-time as a cleaner and did not have money for drugs, so decided to grow her own.
The court heard she had started drinking and using drugs as a teenager after her mother attempted suicide when she was aged eight. He said: “She gained her knowledge of growing drugs from the internet and it got out of hand. Her two mobile phones were seized and there was no evidence she was dealing drugs.
“There was no communication with parties dealing drugs, such as the Bush Boys who operate in Laindon. Similarly, there were no large quantities of cash in the house or dealer lists.”
Amazing that a part-time cleaning job gives you enough to keep three kids and two mobile phones, eh? Who’d have thunk it?
Judge Graham said: “You have three kids who depend on you, yet you decided to embark on a cannabis operation.
“You should have thought much more about them before starting this cannabis factory.
“You placed yourself at great risk of going to prison, which would have separated you from them.”
Which might have been the best thing for them. But only if it had happened when they were much, much younger.

By now, they have been raised in mum’s image, so we have three more mouths to add to the benefit bill in a few years time.


Twenty_Rothmans said...

The problem is that an innocuous plant has become a cash crop.

The seeming absence of a father on the scene has already condemned the children. If you overlook the logistical supply chain associated with distributing illegal drugs, she hasn't harmed anyone.

andy5759 said...

Would a hypothetical Libertarian Government consider decriminalising cannabis? If so, and I expect they would) how much further on the Liberty Road would they go? It's ever a moral dilemma trying to be a Libertarian. On the whole I agree with Twenty Rothmans above.

Anonymous said...

You are really quite ghastly. And I guess, a mother of none. I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

If all drug users grew their own there would be no drug dealers and associated crime, just a thought.

Twenty_Rothmans said...


If all drug users grew their own there would be no drug dealers and associated crime, just a thought.

It is an over-simplification to think that all drug users just want some dope - or even skunk. I doubt that Mrs (she has children, she has to be married, right?) Pearce has the wherewithal to synthesize LSD, to obtain the precusrors to run a meth or MDMA lab, or has the connexions to import heroin or cocaine.

However, by growing a plant whose dried leaves afford considerable pleasure and have no documented deaths from overdosage, she has learned business skills, supplemented the income she needs to support her family, and REDUCED HER CARBON FOOTPRINT by sucking up all that CO2.

There will always be a demand for stronger drugs, because they are better, and different. I'd argue that, in the right frame of mind, THC will tick all the boxes.

But hey, might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb, right?

And so, Anonymous, we come full circle. You are right. If you could legally smoke dope, there would be less incentive to try anything else, because once you remove the uncertainties in what you're getting, the sky's the limit.

Or so I am told.

Oh fuck, we can't smoke. Oh well...

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked a judge used the word 'kids' ! WTF is happening to this cuntree?

JuliaM said...

"The problem is that an innocuous plant has become a cash crop."

Not so inocuous. Not now.

"You are really quite ghastly."

*Apu voice* "Thank you, come again!"

"Or so I am told.

Oh fuck, we can't smoke. "