Friday, 25 July 2014

"I'm Not Joinin' No B Ark, Man..!"

Remember this place?

It was a daring bid for freedom that could have come straight out of The Great Escape or The Colditz Story.
But the intrepid five who attempted to tunnel under a spike-topped 12ft metal fence using nothing more than pilfered cutlery were not plucky PoWs fleeing the Nazis – but Nottingham schoolboys trying to break out of their city academy.
If any of the youngsters tasted liberty, however, it was short- lived as the culprits were soon rounded up, and the already imposing security measures tightened up even further to thwart future escape efforts.
Tracey Phillipson, whose daughter is a Year 9 pupil, said: ‘The fencing with security signs all over it does make it look a bit more like a prison than a school and I guess to some pupils that’s a challenge.'
You could say it's merely trying to acclimatise them to their likely future 'careers'..?
The school, which is in the deprived Hyson Green area of the city, is in ‘special measures’ after an inspection by the watchdogs Ofsted last year ruled it was ‘inadequate’.
It has suffered from high truancy rates, and pupils aged under 16 are not allowed out of the grounds without permission during the day.
Ofsted also noted in its report: ‘Students’ conduct, particularly outside lessons, shows a lack of respect for belonging to the academy.’
How (un)surprising...


Robert the Biker said...

" the culprits were soon rounded up"
As the searchlights probe the shadows and the sound of the dogs gets louder...
"Ve haf vays of MAKING you like double maths"

Flaxen Saxon said...

'Shit in, shit out'

Michael said...

During my short teaching career (I left after being stabbed)I was told that we provided a Day Care service until they earned their first custodial sentence. Frank Chalk's work "It's Your Time You're Wasting" does not tell the half of it...

Woman on a Raft said...

On the plus side, it is nice that the skills of digging and tunneling survive instinctively in what was a mining area.

Or maybe there is just a lot of rabbit DNA in 'em.

Flaxen Saxon said...

Nothing that myxoma virus couldn't cure. But I'm betting they are a resistant strain.

JuliaM said...

@Michael: amen! It should be required reading for all in the field of 'education' (or what passes for it these days...)

Anonymous said...

My other half once said to me;
"How come you've got an answer for everything?"

Me: "I went to school."

Her: "So did I!"

Me; "No, you went to a comprehensive."

After that, it was video error no.1.

Picture, no sound.