Wednesday, 16 July 2014

So Much For 'Thinking Skills' Courses...

Unemployed Moore, who hopes to work in construction, is currently serving a nine month supervision order for stealing another expensive bike and had completed a ‘thinking skills’ course under a previous court’s direction.
I guess it didn't take...
She went on to say he was “remorseful” and whilst his thinking skills programme had not worked in this case, he might have walked away from other temptations.
And he might not, but on those occasions, wasn't filmed doing so.
Chair Mr Patterson told him: “Mr Moore you are a fortunate young man.
“Ordinarily we would send you to prison for this offence, however Ms Jatter has made a very eloquent defence of why you shouldn’t be sent to prison today.
“Ms Jatter has done a good job on your behalf, but this is really your last chance to avoid custody.”


Flaxen Saxon said...

If you have to attend a course on 'thinking skills' you are definitely fucked. But he wouldn't understand that, would he?

Anonymous said...


Wants to work in construction, for Christ sake's just go to the job centre and apply for a labouring job, there are lots of them about and the industry is crying out for new entrants. It would be more punishment if he were given a job and made stick at it for a year.

He would be terrified if he actually had to work for a living, simple solution, give him a job and no benefits for a year if he jacks it in. Job done, make the idiot knuckle down to some hard work.

Anonymous said...

And you wonder why my screen name is Jaded!!!

ivan said...

'Thinking skills' course = 'how to avoid getting caught' that is unless you are just too thick to understand.

There should be a standard 2 years hard labour for a first time thieving conviction with hard labour being something like building a foot thick 6 foot high wall for one week and tearing it down, cleaning and stacking the bricks the next week - repeat for two years.

Twenty_Rothmans said...

"Unemployed Moore" - perfect name for a Labour voter, along with Mr D.L.A. Parasite.

Anyone who thinks that a learning skills class might help is retarded. Try teaching a carrot to add up.

What these people need is work and bread.

Ah - Ivan, why not build a wall around Tower Hamlets, say, 60ft high? Later, move on to Leicester, Halifax, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol, Hull oh this is so depressing

James Higham said...

Love the way a human being is referred to as a chair.

Umbongo said...

Missing words from Chair(man) Mr Patterson were "and so, in your place, we'll be banging up Ms Jatter for a year for the offence - as an Officer of the Court - of lying through her teeth concerning her worthless sh*t of a client. Next case please!!"

JuliaM said...

@Umbongo: if only! Sadly, until there are real consequences (for all involved) we are doomed to more & more of this..