Wednesday, 30 July 2014

No, ‘Lancashire Telegraph’, No..!

The court heard NP Electricals was in financial difficulty when Mrs Hill was hired.
Owner Neil Pope had re-mortgaged his home to invest £20,000 to try to keep the firm he had been running for 30 years alive. Mr Courtney said although the firm had financial difficulty, Mrs Hill contributed to it being forced to cease trading.
The prosecution argued Mrs Hill was not experienced enough to do payroll and that she had ‘suffered enough’ in the three years it took to come to trial.
Kenneth Hind, prosecuting, said: “This has not been easy for Mrs Hill. She has had to move back home with her mother and come clean to her family, friends and her daughter. Her marriage broke down and she is truly remorseful for what she did.”
Well, that’s confusing. Mr Courtney was prosecuting, Mr Hind was defending.

And she had a hard time of it after she was caught, did she? Poor love!

What isn’t at all confusing is the predictable appearance of the famed leniency of the criminal justice system:
Judge Simon Newall gave a 16-month term, suspended for 18 months and 180 hours community service.
*sighs* And they wonder why people are beginning to take the law into their own hands.


Anonymous said...

I don't like shariah punishments, except as a back up for complete and utterly inappropriate leniency for selfindulgement thieves abusing positions of trust like this goddawful excuse for womankind.

Jonathan said...

But..But..She's a Girl!

Furor Teutonicus said...

XX she would pay into her daughter’s account so that the money she was stealing was not swallowed up by her overdraft. XX

And when does the daughter come to court, to be let off for fraud, tax evasion, and dole fraud?

Because I bet my bottom fucking dollar, she did not declare it.

Or am I being cynical again?

MTG said...

This treacherous thief seriously damaged Mr Pope and his family who appear to be unprotected by limited company status. It was a truly despicable theft, deserving of incarceration. This legal gaga disguised the perpetrator's greed as 'suffering' and downplayed the real distress caused to her victims.

Judge Newall and an equally incompetent prosecutor, hasten the degeneration of our judicial system from tragedy to farce.

JuliaM said...

"And when does the daughter come to court, to be let off for fraud, tax evasion, and dole fraud?"

Good point!