Thursday, 24 July 2014

And When Are They Supposed To Fit This In?

Police have asked schools across London to warn pupils about illegal raves after the deaths of two teenagers with links to Croydon.
Is that going to be part of social studies? English? Maths?

Maybe chemistry…
In the letter, sent to secondary schools, sixth-form colleges and pupil referral units, Commander Letchford said: "As we approach the summer holiday period, some students may be considering their options to relieve exam pressure and may be attracted by the lure of an event such as a rave.

"It is important that those of us with responsibility for safeguarding young people do all in our power to prevent a further tragedy. The Metropolitan Police Service seeks your assistance with this by asking you to address your students, and their parents, on the dangers of attending such events."
If they haven’t figured out, from the headlines about the deaths, that it’s a risky choice, is the school going to be able to help?

And if they are the sort to take drugs & indulge in illegal raves (that often turn into mini-riots), why would we – meaning, we as a society – want to preserve their lives?

Our gene pool is better off for this dose of music-associated chlorine.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to lobby for a new logo for my employers- "Met Police,no arse left un-wiped".Should look good on the side of my van!

Robert the Biker said...

You could have some business cards made up too Jaded
Scrotes Saved
Chavs Charmed
Wankers Warned

Robert said...

"Raves"? That's SO 1990s...

MTG said...

One cannot top the illegal raves organised by West Yorks plod.

Sergeant Paul Whiteley was recorded boasting: "I'm a copper, I'll do what I like" before drunkenly assaulting another Yorkshire pub customer and proceeding to scream at the mother of an autistic child: "F*** your f***ing disabled child". Nice one Sergeant...or has the title changed to Inspector now?

Perhaps Jaded may also consider daubing her van sides with "i'm a copper, i doo wot i like"

Bucko said...

the 'dangers' of attending such events are probably negligible.
The cops are probably just trying to prevent people from having fun that isn't sanctioned by the state.

Anonymous said...

I'm in favour of learning from experience, does wonders for the gene pool.

Anonymous said...

Tumbleweed Melvin........

Do all pub "fights" in Huddersfield make the Daily Mail? No of course not but because the person involved is a police officer it makes the news-reason;because it is so rare in comparison to other professions.

Let's not forget all politicians are expense thieves and paedophiles -aren't they?

Anonymous said...

@ WC Jaded

Corrupt plod make the other one percent look bad.

Anonymous said...

Jaded, what seems a long time ago, Harry Enfield and PAul Whitehouse had a sketch:
The Dutch Coppers
'Two openly gay Dutch policemen who are more interested in smoking marijuana and conducting a homosexual affair with each other than doing any police work. A parody of liberal attitudes in the Netherlands'.

Liberal attitudes in the Netherlands?????? Fuck me!
These days the UK Police Service is one big fucking PC-driven parody - you cannot make it up anymore.

Still, made oi larf then and now:

Ian Hills said...

Next it will be -

"Police ask schools to tell pupils to bring bottled water to class in hot weather."

Anonymous said...

"..... ent now ve hev to vishit de proshtichutes und maybe do zum shopping for dem..........'

Big up Lords Condon and Blair two of the biggest cunts ever to be Commissioner of Police for The Metropolis.

Swiftly followed by Paul 'Rusty' (get me at Champneys) Stephenson and Lord 'Captain Beaujolais' (Three jobs and pensions) Stevens of Air Convoys to Romania

JuliaM said...

@Jaded: you'll get a promotion out of that idea!

@Ian Hills: I'm so used to seeing that everywhere on c2c & the Tube already!