Monday, 30 January 2017

Chav Culture, Chav Dog...

A Grimsby man who received horrific injuries when his pet of 10 years attacked him on Christmas Day says he is "heartbroken" that he had to kill his own dog as he "ripped his arm to pieces".
As reported first by the Grimsby Telegraph, the dog was later found in a wheelie bin – although mystery surrounds how it got there.
Really? Hmmm, it's been done.
Owner John Green – who spent four days in Hull Royal Infirmary after the incident, says he has absolutely no idea how Stafforshire Bull Terrier Rio ended up in there and wants to put across his side of the story after hearing many rumours circulating – including that he stabbed the animal and dumped the body himself.
So he didn't stab it?
"I did kill the dog, but I had choked it because there was nothing else that I could do, Rio had latched on to my arm and he was ripping it to pieces, and I defy anyone who says that they wouldn't do the same thing if they were in my position, it was self-defence."
Oh, OK, he choked it. Minor detail!
He also has "no idea" how Rio ended up in a bin – where he was found by member of the public Glenn Sharp - as he had been receiving treatment at Hull Royal Infirmary until Thursday, and was shocked to return home and find that his dog was missing, as he expected him to still be in his house when he returned.
You expected a dog corpse to be stored at your house for four days..?!?!?
He continued: "While I was in hospital I had asked family members to contact Blue Cross to see if they would be able to come around and collect Rio, but apparently the person who is tasked with these collections was on holiday so nobody was ever able to make it round.
"When I got home I found my front door open, and Rio was missing, so I have no idea who has taken him or how he ended up in a bin, I think its utterly insulting to my dog and my family that someone would think to dispose of him like that, as we had planned to give him a proper send off whenever I got home from hospital.
What had you planned, a horse-drawn hearse with black plumes? It's a vicious animal that's put you in hospital, for the love of..!
"There have been all sorts of people making accusations about what has gone on, and I want to let them know the truth, this was a horrible tragedy that has left my family and I heartbroken."
I think the only 'tragedy' here is that you got out of hospital...

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