Saturday, 14 January 2017

What A Wonderful Opportunity For Some Virtue Signalling!

Young pupils in Sudbury formed a “walking bus” to urge motorists to drive slower after three children were run-over outside their primary school.
Three children! Gosh!
They formed their walking bus exactly two weeks after two pupils and their toddler brother was hit by a car on November 25 at 3.30pm.
Ah. That's three children in one incident. So, not quite such a black spot as the headline might lead you to think.
The pupils showed their handmade posters with warnings including “Aggressive is not Impressive”, “Slower Speeds = Happy People”, “Slow Down for a Happy Town” and “Do Not Crash Car” to motorists as they drove past.
So we mustn't use mobiles while driving due to the danger of distraction, yet we allow, nay, encourage, the schools to send children out with these sort of posters designed to attract a driver's attention?

I mean, is it me..?
The day was given to a road awareness campaign with two assemblies in the afternoon, to encourage children to encourage their own parents not to drive to school.
Excellent idea!

*boots kids out the front door into the pouring rain* "Sorry, sweetie, but it's what you want, right? Off you go!"
The school is under “requires improvement” following recent troubled history with its previous headteacher.
Mrs Ragheb was brought in to replace Uma Pandya who stood down from the role following her suspension.
Hmmm, if this is considered an improvement, she must have been pretty awful

But back to this accident. How do three kiddies get mown down? On a crossing?
Sharon Samuels, who has a nine-year-old daughter at the school, said: “The cars shouldn’t be sitting on Watford Road. The children weren’t even on the road, they were on the pavement.
An adult with the children was treated at the scene while the driver of the car was taken to a west London hospital. No arrests have been made.


Andy said...

One point in favour of the new head; she wants to discourage parents driving their children to school. I don't think she will succeed.

Northish said...

What the ...., children and a buggy driven into while on the pavement, and then they need to have the car lifted off them, and no-one was arrested. What are we not being told?

JuliaM said...

"One point in favour of the new head; she wants to discourage parents driving their children to school."

Trying to outperform King Canute is pretty much doomed to failure now, I'm afraid...

"What are we not being told?"

It is a very curious incident, isn't it? The picture in the report here seems to show part of a demolished wall too!