Wednesday, 18 January 2017

What's To 'Investigate'..?

The incident happened on Wednesday at Leeds Station, when Paige was heading home from a family day out at the Christmas market.
But a staff member allegedly told the party there was “no room for a wheelchair” despite having pre-booked tickets.
When the party told the staff member Paige could get out of her wheelchair and sit in a normal chair, the family say he told them that wasn’t an option - although the rest of the party could.
But the 19-year-old’s humiliation turned to anger when a friend text her (sic) a picture showing the space reserved for her chair was stuffed with suitcases and Primark bags.
And, of course, it's 'more than my job's worth!' for the staff to remedy this situation the sensible way....
...on Facebook, the train operator said it was “sorry” to hear of the incident.
Commenting on the post it said: “Sorry to hear and apologies to Paige and yourself.
We recommend a complaint of this nature to go to our Customer Relations team who can investigate this incident.”
Too little, too late. Why not empower your staff to take action to remove the items?


Lynne at Counting Cats said...

Makes you wonder what the rail strikes are all about.

JuliaM said...

Quite - why do they insist guards on trains are absolutely vital when they seem to do everything short of their job?