Friday, 27 January 2017

It's Like 'Twin Peaks' Set In Croydon!

PC Ryan Edwards, based in Croydon, accepted a caution for causing criminal damage to a home in West Sussex.
His actions were not proven to be serious enough to constitute gross misconduct, or for him to be dismissed.
He threw a log through someone's window! But it's OK, he's sorry:
...given that this was a single and brief incident where the officer was immediately remorseful to the complete acceptance of the subsequent consequences of his actions and given that there were no issues of honesty and integrity, I do not believe this constitutes as gross misconduct.
“Therefore considering all the facts of the case I do not believe his actions discredit the service as serious to justify his dismissal."
So why did he do it?
No details have been given on why PC Edwards threw the log through the window.
Answers on a postcard! What could have motivated Croydon's answer to the Log Lady..?


Woman on a Raft said...

He was auditioning to be an Amazon delivery driver but he unfortunately got the wrong house, then he mistakenly thought the window was open. So when he chucked the 'package' through the 'open' window, believing himself to be doing an initiative test, nobody was more suprised than him at the tinkle of broken glass and the outraged householder rushing out.

JuliaM said...