Monday, 23 January 2017

The Poor Kid Has Got Good Reason To Be Terrified Now, Hasn't She?

A schoolgirl has suffered serious injuries after being attacked by a dog in a Birmingham tower block.
The 11-year old was savaged in the communal area of Dunedin House in Welsh House Farm Road, Quinton , at around 8.15am today. Police and ambulance attended and the girl was taken to Birmingham Children’s Hospital after sustaining serious leg and arm injuries.
An investigation has been launched and a dog was taken away by police.
The owners are contrite and apol...

No, wait. They are the victims here!
The owners of a dog which attacked an 11-year-old girl in a Birmingham tower block have insisted the pet is not dangerous - calling it a “real softie”.
The couple, both aged 24, say they do not want to be named as since the story appeared in the Birmingham Mail they have faced “abuse and horrible comments” online.
The woman, who is 14 weeks pregnant, said: “We live opposite the family of the girl and that morning I opened my door and AV ran between my legs, out onto the landing.
“At the same time the girl was leaving her flat opposite to go to school.
“When the girl saw AV, for some reason she panicked and turned hysterical.
“She started screaming and crying and stamping her feet and this frightened AV who bit her on the arm and the leg.
“AV sensed fear from the girl and did what dogs do in these situations, she got frightened herself and bit the girl.”
If you have a dog who, faced with a screaming child, opts to bite that child, you have a big problem. A bigger one than strangers pointing out you're an idiot dog owner on social media and hurting your feelings...
“She was telling me while we were waiting for the ambulance that she’s always been terrified of dogs.
Poor bloody kid. Your out of control animal has just turned that irrational fear into a rational one.


James Higham said...

Best stick to cats.

Happy Birthday.

John M said...

When I had a dog that came across someone who might have been a bit scared she would stand there wagging her tail cheerfully without running up and tacking a bloody bite out of them.

But some owners need a trophy animal don't they? And to think this one is preggers and will be bringing up a feral, chav child to match the dangerous dog...

Pcar said...

In this instance - based on info in your post - I'm with the dog.

A hysterical child screaming* and shouting, waving arms toward dog, stamping (& kicking?) feet will be perceived as a threat and imminent attack by a dog.

Fault is with parents failing to train child not to be dog/cat/anial phobic.

*note: dogs are more attuned to higher pitches/voices - hence why most Army (initial) dog trainers are female

Anonymous said...

"Fault is with parents failing to train child not to be dog/cat/animal phobic."

So teaching your kids that dangerous animals are nothing to be afraid of is good parenting is it? I'm not sure that I am able to follow your reasoning here.


Weekend Yachtsman said...

What Stonyground said.

JuliaM said...

"But some owners need a trophy animal don't they?"

In a flat, no less... :/

"Fault is with parents failing to train child not to be dog/cat/anial phobic."

Assuming that the report of the child's reaction by the dog's owner has the ring of truth?