Saturday, 7 January 2017

Isn't This A Bit Like...

...killing your parents then complaining you're an orphan?
Two residential homes for troubled children in Gloucestershire have been closed after staff were reduced to locking themselves in an office for their own safety and police said that the situation at one home was "out of control and dangerous".
"All the young people living at the home told the inspector they felt scared and did not feel safe," said the Ofsted report for home A which was littered with shards of glass and graffiti when the inspectors came to carry out an interim inspection.
The Ofsted inspector, who had criticised the lack of a homely, family atmosphere, added: "The staff lack the de-escalation skills to manage incidents safely.
"For example, highly dangerous behaviours by young people, including smashing most of the windows at the home, climbing onto the roof and using roof tiles as missiles, physically assaulting staff, causing extensive damage to the home and subjecting another young person to bullying, were not managed by staff and resulted in police intervention."
Yes, well, calling the police is a natural response to this sort of behaviour. What else are the staff to do, since their hands are tied?
Some say the disruption from neighbouring Marlowe properties has turned their dreams of living in the country into a nightmare.
"I'm 68 and my husband's 72 and at our age we shouldn't have to put up with this kind of thing in our own home," said one.
"They call us NIMBYs and ask what we want them to do with these children, we don't know.
"But I don't want to be sitting in my house on a dark night listening to it all kicking off and worrying what would happen if they decided to come over here and do the same. They could easily say 'let's go down the road' and what would we do then. People on a sink estate would not have to put up with this."
My feelings of sympathy are tempered slightly, by the evident fact this is a little colony of SJWs...
Another said she had seen a member of staff being beaten up, a female carer dragged along the road by her hair and what she describes as a full blown riot when 11 police cars and ambulances turned up. She says she has even witnessed armed police but blames the company rather than the children.
"The staff don't seem to set boundaries or tackle them before it escalates. They tell us they can't intervene but surely they are trained in restraint techniques.
"I was told the staff aren't allowed to call the police because they don't want to criminalise the children, but that means they don't know the boundaries. What will happen when they go out into society? I feel sorry for the children. This is not therapeutic care, it's containment. It's heartbreaking."
Good grief, these people are deranged, and their namby-pamby attitudes have lead precisely to this situation!


Antisthenes said...

We do not want to criminalise or deprive in anyway children, terrorists, ethnic groups any special status group come to that. In fact delinquents of any kind. Except of course unless you are a white male or a white person who exercises the right to free speech. Who by definition of their skin colour are all racist bigots and must atone for the sins of their ancestors who lived by different standards and values than are current today so were not sins then. In our new progressive society caring, sharing and only politically correct thinking and speech are the all important rules that count.

How did we managed reach this sad Orwellian state that we have to live in today. Well believe it or not it is because of the bloody French which it being the French you are I am sure only to willing to believe and their revolution of 1789. Out of the French revolution socialism and progressive thinking was born and because of the conditions there at that time were ideals with considerable merit. However ideals have a terrible propensity to spawn ambitions beyond the capabilities of our human abilities because our behaviour does not fit the needs for those ambitions to be realised. The revolutionary spirit did not die or adjust the ambitions to the human condition instead it decided to adjust the human condition to the ambitions.

It is trying to do so in a variety of ways communist and Bolivarian socialist states being the most popular not very successfully but has not deterred them in the least. Piggy backing onto disaffected societies poverty riven and religiously pious ones having the highest reward for them as the populace are very susceptible to doing what they are told with unwavering obedience. In the West they have employed more subtle ways of changing our behaviour. The championing of social justice being their most effective and has allowed them to make great strides in achieving an environment that makes control of our behaviour that much easier.

The effect has been that the revolution of 1789 never ended (if it had not been that one then it would have been another one that would have thrown up very similar effects) as the battle to control our behaviour has been a long drawn out affair that has brought many and varied conflicts. Conflicts that will never cease because human behaviour is peculiar to every individual as that is what makes us human. To be otherwise we would be automatons.

Lynne at Counting Cats said...

Birch the little bastards.

Anonymous said...


What Lynne said

Pcar said...

@Lynne at Counting Cats

Sounds reasonable.

My preference would be a cultural, diversity, poverty, refugee etc awareness one year experience in Gaza/Iran/Venezuela/Yemen with no financial or "SJW" support.

After seeing how the little thugs reacted to Mr Fulford (BBC) killing & skinning a rabbit, I doubt they would survive :)


JuliaM said...

"Except of course unless you are a white male or a white person who exercises the right to free speech. "

You'd think after last year they'd reconsider that tactic, wouldn't you?

"What Lynne said"


" year experience in Gaza/Iran/Venezuela/Yemen with no financial or "SJW" support."

Bagsy the broadcast rights!