Wednesday, 29 January 2020

The Police Didn't Sell Your Daughter Stolen Goods, Did They?

The family of a young woman shot dead outside Bexleyheath police station nearly 17 years ago has expressed "relief" at coming a step closer to finding out exactly how she died.
Hasn't there been a trial?

Yes indeed, reader. There has:
Sabina Rizvi, 25, was killed in the early hours of March 20 2003 outside the police station on Arnsberg Way.
In 2004, Paul Asbury, then aged 22, was convicted of her murder and the police watchdog went on to produce a report in 2011.
So what's left to argue?
Speaking outside court afterwards, family solicitor Anna Moore said: "Sabina was shot outside a police station in 2003.
"A man has been convicted of that crime but there has never been an investigation into the full circumstances of her death, whether there was involvement of anyone else and what happened at the police station.
"My client has been fighting for years, ever since Sabina's death in 2003, for an investigation into her death. They are relieved this is starting.
"There has never been an investigation into how Sabina came to her death. They are looking for answers. They want to know what happened to their loved one and what happened on the night she died.
"There was an indication this case is likely to be heard by a jury, which is what the family are asking for."
What exactly were the circumstances, then?
Sabina loved cars and a friend of hers, Mark, offered her an Audi TT to buy. It was very expensive and I didn't want her to buy it, but she'd fallen in love with it. When she rang me to tell me she'd bought it, it was as if she'd won the world, so I couldn't be annoyed with her.
The following day however, she told me that the owners of the car were threatening her, saying it'd been stolen and that they wanted it back. Sabina immediately phoned the police and went with Mark to the police station to try and sort things out. I spoke to her several times that evening, and she said everything was fine.
The trial was very anti-climactic for me. You desperately want justice, to find out exactly what happened, but all it did was confirm that Sabina wasn't going to come back. Paul Asbury, one of the murderers, was found guilty but the police don't think he pulled the trigger, those people are still out there. I feel very let down by the police.
Why? Shouldn't you feel let down by her friend Mark? Wasn't he the one who got her into this?

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