Friday, 10 January 2020

Well, Why Should They Be Afraid Of Justice?

Given that they so rarely face any?
The errand boy of a gangster who controlled Britain's most-fired gun clapped and cheered when jailed today.
Lee Tierney was described as the "gofer" of James Lunt, the leader of an armed drugs gang known as WAVO 420.
He mouthed "rats" at police officers sitting in court when he entered the dock, then grinned and bounced up and down.
What would make someone so utterly contemptuous of our justice sys...

Oh. Right.
Judge Smith jailed him for 11 years and three months, meaning he will likely be released in four years' time.
A young woman sitting in the public gallery burst into tears, but Tierney rubbed his hands together, beat his chest and clapped.
He shouted "thank you very much" to the judge, then "love you, see you soon" to his family, before yelling: "Yerse!"
One can only hope a rival gang takes him out. There's precious little point in hoping the State will deal with him appropriately.


John M said...

They should have just taken him out back and shot his balls off. I bet he wouldn't have laughed then

JuliaM said...

They'd need a magnifying glass.