Thursday, 16 January 2020

Who Could Have Foreseen This? Pt 487925

Oh, that's right. Everyone.
Norfolk police have put an increase in the number of dangerous dog offences in the county over the past three years down in part in an influx of street dogs from other countries.
Gosh, who'd think that this might be a bad idea? C'mon, Boris, bring the Brexit to stop this madness.
Of the 595 offences recorded over the past three years, less than 10pc of offences ended in a person being charged.
And the excuses for this? Well, it's not going to be police laziness or incompetence, is it?
Insp Hammerton said while every offence committed was investigated, the outcome depended on a number of factors including the nature of the offence, evidence and the victim's wishes.
"Victims may not want to go through with a prosecution for a number of reasons including not wanting to go to court or they don't want to prosecute the owner because they fear the dog will be put to sleep.
"Sometimes the victims are friends of the dog and owner so do not wish to take further action. It could also be that the dog within the family may have injured another family member," she said.
Even more reason it should get the needle, then. Regardless of the victim's wishes.


Doonhamer said...

Of maybe the victim fears retaliation, given lack of convictions and protection.

Lord T said...

So why are these getting reported to Plod?

If I was bitten and didn't want something done why would I waste my time going to whine to Plod about it?

MTG said...

On the other can fully rely on motorists being pursued for the most trivial of alleged offences...including those proceedings Mr Plod was obliged to enhance with fabricated evidence, to maintain that staggering, coffer-filling 98% conviction rate.

JuliaM said...

"...maybe the victim fears retaliation, given lack of convictions and protection."

That's very plausible. Especially given the sort of subhuman creatures that keep these beasts.

"So why are these getting reported to Plod?"

Well, quite! It's not like hospitals are obliged to report them, unlike bullet wounds, is it?