Saturday, 9 June 2018

Sounds Like The Children Of Llandudno Had A Lucky Escape...

At Llanndudno magistrates court today, Bowzer’s owner James Prince appeared before magistrates and was banned from keeping dogs for five years.
Prince and his dad had been with their dogs at some distance from Ms Cloner ad Mr Anderson, and the dogs were not on leads.
The court heard from district judge Gwyn Jones that Bowzer, who was rescued from Romania and had burns on his legs and had suffered broken ribs in the past, was out of control and the dog would have been a threat.
What the hell is the point of these foreign dog rescues? Don't we have enough abused mutts in this country for these people to fawn over?
“Those tendencies would still be there,” the judge told Prince, who the court heard loved dogs, helped at a rescue centre and took dogs into local schools to meet children.
 Seems that he loved dogs, all right. People, though, that was another matter.
Prosecutor James Neary told the court that Prince, 26, was heard to say: “You should not have tried to pick the dog up. That’s what we do when we are baiting.”
But under police interview Prince, of Coast Road in Rhyl , had denied ever saying anything about baiting and suggested Ms Cloner might have tripped over her lead.
*rolls eyes*
His defence solicitor Deborah Davies said: “He accepts that all dogs should be kept on leads in public places and he is devastated by what went on.”
Mr Anderson had challenged Prince over what happened, and Prince pushed him in the chest, causing him to stumble.
Should have been charged with assault.
Bowzer had to be put down.
I feel Clarkson's Law should have gone into effect here.


Sobers said...

I think the whole rescuing dogs from abroad thing is a classic case of charities seeking to further their own existence. I don't think there are enough stray dogs around in the UK nowadays to justify the number of dog rescue charities that exist. Chipping has meant that found dogs can be far more easily reunited with their owners. So in order to keep the money rolling in they've been forced to go abroad to get the raw material to justify their own existence. A dog rescue charity in my area has been importing Spanish dogs for example. I can see no other reason for it other than self preservation.

JuliaM said...

"I think the whole rescuing dogs from abroad thing is a classic case of charities seeking to further their own existence. "

I hadn't thought of that. You could well be right. It's astonishing how often these things turn up in dangerous dog stories lately.