Monday, 25 June 2018

'They are just little rats and something needs to be done to deter them.'

I agree. But since we can't even seem to hold them, I fear that's just wishful thinking:
Merseyside Police confirmed on Wednesday that a 13-year-old from Huyton and a 15-year-old from Stockbridge Village had been arrested in connection with an assault on Greystone Road, Broadgreen.
Both teenagers were given conditional bail on Thursday.
 Liverpool. What a lovely place.


Ted Treen said...

Bail? In God's name, why? If ever anything needed putting down, it's this feral scum.

Anonymous said...

Under 10 years, the law states that they have no concept of criminality. 10 to 14, they have to admit knowing that what they did was wrong. In the case of 15 to 21, any social worker or SJW snowflake will tell you it is all society's fault. Over 21, they leave the mother of their children and shack up with the daughter of a shifty retail mogul. Don't forget, folks, crime does not pay.

JuliaM said...

"Bail? In God's name, why?"

I presume that now, like halved sentences, it's automatic... :/

"Don't forget, folks, crime does not pay."

We're doomed as a society. And probably as a species.