Monday, 11 June 2018

The Anguish Of A Beta Male....

He was reluctant to tell authorities what had happened as he felt a sense of guilt about the attack, he said.
He wrote: "I told no one, least of all the police. Not my family or friends. Not work colleagues. I felt shame. I felt I may have been in some way responsible for what happened. Did I goad the little b******s with my video recording?
No, they correctly surmised that you were no threat, that you were prey.

That no-one would assist you, because the citizens of London have been cowed into thinking like you, by people like you, that these feral street scum are 'deprived' and 'require understanding'.
"As time went on I was increasingly embarrassed I hadn't reported the crime. 
"On the bus that night, a woman who came to my aid urged me to report it to try to stop other people being assaulted. That was the most compelling argument for me, but still I resisted.
"For weeks, every time the local paper reported an assault, I believed that I had contributed to it. More shame."
Is it any wonder we have a crime problem, when this is the reaction to becoming a victim of it?


DJ said...

It's all so bogus anyway. Tell him you're a parent who's concerned about primary schools pushing the gay lifstyle and his tolerance will disappear faster than a feminism on a sinking ship.

Northish said...

Mair, you pathetic p.o.s. you didn't report it because to do so would mean admitting to yourself that the society that you and your leftard colleagues and associates have foisted onto everyone else, has turned our capital city and much of the rest of the country into a human rat infested shit-hole. I normally have a great deal of sympathy for the victims of crime, but in your case I have none as you are the architect of your own misfortune.

JuliaM said...

"...disappear faster than a feminism on a sinking ship..."

Heh! Good point.

"I normally have a great deal of sympathy for the victims of crime..."

Me too. But on this occasion, even the tiny violin couldn't be bothered to make an entrance.