Thursday, 14 June 2018

What Evidence Would Suit You, Then?

Essex coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray (Ed: Oh, hai!) recorded an open verdict at the inquest hearing at Chelmsford Coroner’s Court.
She said: “We really can’t be quite sure what was going on in his mind.
“Obviously he was troubled, there was a lot of things on the go and he was upset, but the evidence isn’t sufficient enough to record suicide.”
It was enough for the headline writer:

And it was enough for his chums:
He was a drummer with the band Counties which has organised a memorial show for male suicide awareness charity CALM on July 28 at Chinnerys in Southend.
So why wasn't it enough for you?


The Jannie said...

We had the opposite result on a family death. The very experienced police sergeant in charge of the investigation listed several reasons why he believed the death was accidental; we knew the deceased and do not believe that she would not have gone the way she did without trying to make members of the family feel involved and guilty. Despite all this the coroner declared it suicide.

Andy said...

Sloppy decisions can have serious consequences regarding life insurance. Nothing seems work or be fit for purpose these days.

JuliaM said...

"We had the opposite result on a family death."

How bizarre? Usually they tie themselves in knots to avoid it.

"Nothing seems work or be fit for purpose these days."

Amen... :/