Friday, 29 June 2018

It's Not 'A Witch Hunt' If You Find Witches....

...the owner of the Alsatian, John Bennett, 71, said he had become the victim of a witchhunt.
Oh, really?
Mr Bennett said eight year old Rex was a rescue dog with a "lovely nature".
Gosh, we've heard that one before!
"There has been a total witchhunt literally by 100s of people. It has just gone beserk. I have it all on film because after the first incident I got a body camera," he said. "I have been the victim of a hate campaign. It is totally untrue. My dog was trying to defend itself. Mr Laurie walked up to me."
Your alsatian was 'trying to defend itself' by ripping the guts out of a miniature schnauzer less than a quarter of its size?
Referring to the previous incident, Mr Bennett said Rex had only attacked the man after he intervened in a fight between the two dogs.
Not the best excuse, since he wouldn't have had to if you'd kept your animal under control. But then, that's always been a bit of a problem for you. Hasn't it?
He said he had given Rex a new home in February after the death of his much loved 11 year-old Alsatian Lotty.
In 2010 Sevenoaks magistrates ordered Mr Bennett to keep Lotty on the lead after she knocked over a young girl in Greatness Recreation Ground.
Can't control one powerful dog, gets another as soon as he can...
A spokesman for Sevenoaks District Council said the council's dog warden was aware of the latest incident and was investigating.
Why aren't the police investigating? What was the point of the new legislation they demanded, if they don't use it?

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