Tuesday, 26 June 2018

That'd Make 'Jurassic Park' Look Tame!

Commuters frustrated by severe disruptions on the trains have taken their anger out on the gates of a station in Hertfordshire, kicking and pushing through them after they were closed to prevent overcrowding.
Because everyone knows that will make the rail staff say 'Ah, we were just kidding!' and let you through?
“Forget schedules, we are way past that, no one had any idea what train was turning up,” said Charlotte Halkett, the managing director of a technology company in London.
“The boards just didn’t say anything, all we had was the station announcer telling us we think this train is possibly going to go there. There was not a timetable, just chaos, trains running riot in the wild which is just so dangerous.”
Who wants to tell Charlotte about these things called 'rails' that trains run on?

Or don't run, in the case of most of our network"


Andy said...

Nothing seems to work any more. Too many degrees and too little training. We need more engineers and fewer graduates.

JuliaM said...