Thursday, 7 June 2018

"These guys did this thinking they could get away with it. They did not care about the consequences."

To which you can only answer: "What consequences?"
'This is a big bit of equipment and they rode away on bicycles in a busy area covered with CCTV cameras. It's just brazen and they do it because they know they can get away with it.
'We are going to be pretty reluctant to film things outside again and given the time difference we often have to film at night.
'If you are not safe in Exmouth Market with loads of people around and CCTV everywhere, where are you safe?'
I wonder if the segment on Grenfell Tower they were filming was going to be all about how 'deprived' the area was...?
Mr Cannon, who lives in Islington and has been in the UK for two years, said 'there was never a choice' between giving up the camera or fighting back.
He added: 'There is chaos around here at the moment with all the moped attacks; there's crimes every day. I always thought it would be a case of "when and not if".
'I've called 999 three times since I moved here; I've seen a gang armed with baseball bats and a couple of Deliveroo drivers robbed; I was not shocked it happened.'
So far, no surprises. No surprises at all.
Mr Cannon described the muggers as in their late 20s/early 30s, well built and Caucasian with London accents.


staybryte said...

London's white Cockney mugger has had to look for new employment opportunities ever since the Bill was taken off air. He's already robbed the dear old Mum of every writer on the Graun's Comment is Free, according to them anyway.

JuliaM said...