Saturday, 30 June 2018

Quote Of The Month

DumbJon on the Trump Korean Affair:
"Apparently, all it took was a successful summit meeting and suddenly The Golden Don has been transformed from Literally Hitler into Literally Chamberlain.
Don't be surprised if one of the left's more repellant groups rebrands itself the 'Start The War' coalition and Madonna and that tool from Coldplay get together to do a duet of 'Give War A Chance'."
Meanwhile, the furore about 'upskirting' provided Tim Newman with a chance to nail the feminist raison d'etre to the wall:
"Firstly, let’s not pretend this is something so traumatic it needs to be dealt with as matter of priority by the national government. I haven’t seen any upskirting pictures but I can’t imagine they show very much other than some blurry skin and what might be knickers. As the police mentioned in the video said, they’d show more than you’d them to show, but they’re hardly pornographic and you couldn’t identify anyone from them. When the woman in the video says “I had no rights over my own body at that point” she is engaging in laughable hyperbole which is all too common when talking about women’s rights in the modern era."


Lynne: ex-Counting Cats said...

Is there a law preventing femiloons from upskirting men in kilts?

JuliaM said...

There'll soon be a law preventing anyone from doing anything!