Saturday, 23 June 2018

The Great British Justice System: Keeping Death On The Road...

A man was given a fresh chance for being caught at the wheel of a car four months after being banned.
Majid Hussain, 35, was spotted in a damaged BMW as he pulled onto Colwick Road in Sneinton, a court heard. Police followed it on the Racecourse Island onto Daleside Road and across the Lady Bay Bridge, said Lucky Thandi, prosecuting.
"Three vehicles were involved in the pursuit, illuminated emergency lights and made a tactical stop," she told Nottingham Crown Court.
Yes, the sort of thing you'll have seen on those fly on the wall cop shows, manoeuvres that the police only do in desperation.
She told the court that Hussain had 25 previous offences on his record. In December, he was given a six-month suspended prison sentence for dangerous driving. He was also banned from driving at the time.
That worked well, didn't it? And with a record like that, why on earth should he get a suspended?
Chris Brewin, mitigating, said Hussain has been making good progress in dealing with medical problems.
Being a law-breaking shithead isn't a medical condition. Or is it, now? I can't keep up!
Experts felt that a prison term could hamper that process.
Ah, 'experts'....
"He had a fairly calamitous breakdown a couple of years ago and lost his family and business. He is building himself back up," added Mr Brewin on behalf of Hussain who lives in Lancaster Road, Bakersfield.
By refusing to comply with the terms our toothless legal system imposes?
Judge Steven Coupland imposed a four-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, for driving while disqualified on March 7. Hussain pleaded guilty.
He told Hussain: "This is a last chance. Don't let me down. If you do, then prison lies at the end of the road."
Just how many 'last chances' has he had?
The judge ordered Hussain to attend a probation course to improve his "thinking skills."
The legal system needs to send its own people on these.


Sobers said...

So Tommy Robinson HAD to be banged up because he was given a suspended sentence and has now re-offended, and therefore the majesty of the law must take its due and solemn course.

And in this case.........oh, thats different somehow......

Anonymous said...

The judge is the one needing the thinking skills course. The vile enriched needs all suspended sentences enforced with extra for taking the piss.

Sobers said...

And hang on, he had a 6 month suspended jail sentence in Dec, which hasn't been enforced, natch, and now he gets a 4 month suspended jail sentence. They're getting shorter. Next time he's on for 2 months.....

Stonyground said...

Mr. Robinson is a threat to the powers that be, Mr. Hussein is only a threat to the rest of us.

JuliaM said...

"And in this case.........oh, thats different somehow...."

Indeed! And yes, they ARE getting shorter. What's the point in that?

"Mr. Robinson is a threat to the powers that be, Mr. Hussein is only a threat to the rest of us."

Nail, head...