Tuesday, 19 June 2018


After the case, Connor’s mum Michelle Hitchman said: “The death of my son has caused much heartache and self-destruction, not just to myself but to everyone who knew him. Connor was a loveable rogue and a free spirit.
Oh oh!
“He was loving and caring and he would do anything for anyone. Our hearts will forever be broken and I will forever mourn the loss of my son.
“I wish for us to be alone in peace to grieve.”
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The judge didn't quite put it like that, but he left everyone in no doubt that Ms Hitchman's recollection of her little angel might not quite match with reality:
Judge Gold QC said: “The background to this case amounts to problems between your friends and Connor’s. He and his group were assaulting other boys, recording it on their phones and posting it on social media. Had that behaviour been reported then it could have been dealt with and Connor could well be here today.”
I'm not so sure the outcome would have been that much better if he had.


staybryte said...

Another lovable rogue gone!? Cheeky chappies and gentle giants must be sweating like a vicar in a whorehouse right now.

Edward Spalton said...

In our local,paper, it is very common for ( usually single) "Mums" to describe their offspring of this sort as " a bit of a scamp".when they come to the notice of the authorities.

Anonymous said...

Loveable rogue. He would do anyone for anything.

Anonymous said...

The gene pool has improved

JuliaM said...

"Another lovable rogue gone!?"

We must be down to our last few million! And growing.

"...describe their offspring of this sort as " a bit of a scamp".when they come to the notice of the authorities."

How quaint! Conjures up images of scrumping apples, rather than vandalism & knifepoint muggings.

"The gene pool has improved"

Sadly, by nowhere near enough.