Thursday, 21 June 2018

Another Shaggy Dog Story!

The owner of a wolf-dog living in Worcester has claimed the animal was stolen and taken to Aberystwyth in Wales.
The man, who asked to remain anonymous, had been living in Grosvenor Walk, St John’s. The 33-year-old said two women had cut a hole in the fence and stole seven year old Koda, whose name in Native American means ‘friend’, from the garden on Thursday, May 17.
Just another tale of dog theft? Well, not quite:
The pooch was due to be rehomed on Saturday, May 19.
He said: “We never got to say goodbye to the dog because someone stole him. “I have had him for seven years, since he was a baby. He slept in my bed.”
The man, who has two young children, said he had tried to rehome the pooch, which is thought to be a mixture of wolf and Husky, when his schedule as a builder became too much.
The mystery deepens!
Previously, residents living nearby the property had voiced concerns for the dog, which they said had been “howling day and night”.
Officers from St John’s and Bedwardine Safer Neighbourhood Team and the RSPCA visited the address to assess the animal.
Police Sergeant Carl Jones said: “West Mercia Police are aware of this incident and have investigated the removal of the dog.”
Note: not the theft of the dog.
The dog has since been rehomed.
Speaking previously, an RSPCA spokesman said: “We are aware of this and have been liaising with the police and the local authority to resolve the situation.”
It appears you've been thwarted by someone, doesn't it?

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