Tuesday, 12 June 2018

No, I Think You Got The Wrong 'Victim' There...

Zureiqi's defence lawyer, Chiddy Umez said: "This is a bizarre case in that the victim is also the defendant.
"The prosecution has tried turning on the victim even though she is the only one who can say what she experienced.
"The law is to stop dogs biting people - it is not an offence for dogs to fight each other.
"No witnesses said they saw Jack cause injury to a person."
So, what actually happened?
Zureiqi, who lives in East Brabourne, Kent, denied but was convicted of being out of control of the dog at Canterbury Magistrates' Court on Tuesday.
She was fined and ordered to keep the animal muzzled if she wanted to save it from destruction.
Hmmm, guess Chiddy's pleas didn't move the magistrates much. I wonder why?
Zureiqi had just finished walking Jack and her Great Dane Angelina when they met another dog called Oscar in a park near her home, in November 2016.
Holding her pets on a lead, she was then dragged along the ground as Jack rushed forward and grabbed hold of Oscar's ear.
So two large powerful animals she couldn't control, and which were the aggressors?
The 45-year-old told the court: "We had finished the walk and I put the dogs on the lead and made them sit.
"I was cleaning mud off my shoe when suddenly I was pulled by Angelina - Jack had to move as well because they were on one lead."
'Your honour, it wasn't the defendant's large powerful dog that caused the incident. It was the defendant's other large powerful dog!' Really..? That's what you're going with, eh?
"I was being dragged along - I tensed up to make myself heavier and harder to pull.
"Numerous times I tried to prevent the encounter - I shouted to the other dog walker about five times as I was on the ground."
What's the point in shouting at the other walker? It's your animals that are the problem!
Prosecutor Alban Brahimi said Zureiqi was trying to place all of the blame on her Great Dane rather than Jack. He said: "Five times you shouted 'run' to the other dog walker and let strangers put rope around Jack's head to choke him, allowed him to be smacked and have water thrown over him.
"In this case, the dog was so dangerous and out of control it has caused its own owner injury."
Good. Makes a bloody change.
Magistrates ordered Zureiqi pay a £770 fine and set a contingent destruction order where Jack must be muzzled and kept on a lead while in public otherwise he will be put down.
It was already on a lead. The issue is that it doesn't matter, she can't control it even on a lead. Why suffer an untrainable animal to live?


jack ketch said...

Why suffer an untrainable animal to live?
...and put down 'Jack' too while they are at it.

Anonymous said...

Is Chiddy Umez a real name?


JuliaM said...

"...and put down 'Jack' too while they are at it."


JuliaM said...

"Is Chiddy Umez a real name?"

More to the point, is he a real lawyer!