Monday, 18 June 2018

Aristocrats Aren't What They Used To Be....

A cousin of the Duchess of Cornwall has been fined £500 after admitting owning a dog that attacked four people.
Not a Staffie, you'll note...
Camilla Parker Bowles’s cousin shouted “get off my land” as the animal went for a 46-year-old jogger, her 58-year-old husband on a bike and the hikers, who were in their 70s.
He made “no attempt” to leash the animal – a breed engineered in 1955 for use in operations by Czech special forces.
Sounds like an expensive beast, and I thought the landed gentry were all really quite poor?
Edmonstone, 46 – the son of Sir Archibald Edmonstone, the 7th baronet of Duntreath Castle – appeared at Stirling Sheriff Court in cuffs, having been jailed for 21 months in February over £60,000 benefit frauds.
Sheriff William Gilchrist fined Edmonstone but refused to ban him from keeping dogs in the future.
*rolls eyes*
Sundance, bought for £2000, was returned it to its breeder without a refund to Edmonstone.
Well, it did its job, so I guess no refund was forthcoming!


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Dru Edmonstone’s shouted

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