Friday, 22 June 2018

Another Perfect Storm...

Two cyclists needed hospital treatment after a police car answering a 999 call knocked them off their bike on Friday.
The unit was answering an emergency call at the time, using blue lights and sirens. The bicycle was not a tandem.
If that seems an odd thing to add, well, there's actually good reason.

Not that the local rag elaborates, of course. That's left to the commenters:

So who's at fault?
The matter has been advised to the Independent Office for Police Conduct.
Ah. Of course. Couldn't possibly have been the cyclist!


MTG said...

Dedicate your valuable time to magisterial duties, JuliaM. Specialise in rubber-stamp guilt on cyclists and imposing hefty fines and costs upon the pedalling menace. Road safety awaits your intuition and impartial input.

DJ said...

The world is trolling you!

The only way this could be better is if the riders were gypsies and the crash was caused by a loose pitbull.

Frank said...

G Wiley does sound like an ignorant buffoon, doesn't he?
"Just makes you wonder who came up wit the briliant idea of allowing irresponsible, untrained, people to ride bikes on the public highway. Perhaps limit non-helmet wearing cyclists to the dedicated cycle lanes only?"
How about drivers should be limited to dedicated motor vehicle lanes only? Makes as much if not more sense.
Yes, I'm a cyclist. Yes, I'm happy to share the road. I'd rather not share the road with selfish drivers like G Wiley who want the roads to themselves.

Stonyground said...

My experience, both as a driver and a cyclist, is that if you are polite and considerate to other road users, most of them are polite and considerate in response. Of course there are exceptions, there will always be arseholes out there.


JuliaM said...

"The world is trolling you!"

It is, it really is!

"G Wiley does sound like an ignorant buffoon, doesn't he? "

No. He's got a good point.

MTG said...

Crikey. Where are my homework smudges, Mrs Julia?

You know, those smears hardened by years of sarcasm, which fail to conceal your perennial resentment?