Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Crank Letters...

Chris Packham has criticised ITV for putting profit ahead of 'environmental morals' as he backed calls for an alleged trophy hunter to be axed from Love Island.
Oliver Williams, 23, was pictured smiling by the carcasses of a warthog, water buffalo (Ed: *rolls eyes*) and sable antelope in Africa.
I guess you don't feel as positive and optimistic then..?
Packham has previously railed against ITV for using animals for entertainment and successfully campaigned to ban the eating of live insects on I'm A Celebrity.
'They've never replied to any of my letters,' Packham said of ITV executives.
Heh! I can just imagine the scene: "Tarquin, we've got another one - different shade of green ink, but I recognise the handwriting...""
He added that killing a warthog for conservation is 'nonsensical' as the species does not qualify as threatened, near-threatened or conservation dependent.
Then it's fair game, surely?


Anonymous said...

Warthogs are delicious better than their relatives, wild boar. Also prolific breeders, happy to live In scrublands where larger game won’ Thrive.

JuliaM said...

Perhaps we should put a few on 'Love Island'..?

Yes, there'd be complaints about the hygiene, but I'm sure the warthogs would soon put up with it.