Monday, 13 January 2020

Worse Than Useless...

Jamie Villers was on the 51 bus with her brother and his friend - both of whom are special needs - at around 3am on New Year's Day.
During the journey, a man started walking up the stairs and calling them names, telling them to "stop staring."
"I was just confused," Jamie told the News Shopper. "When he came down the stairs to get off he started on my brother and started saying 'Oi who you staring at come and fight me big man' and I was like 'who are you talking to' and then he gestured to my brother.
"That's when I said he is autistic and can’t help it.
"He then proceeded to get off the bus (on Foots Cray High Street near Cray Road) and started shouting at us, saying 'come and fight me, I’m gonna f***ing shank you'."
Sounds like a hate crime to me. Any sign the police are taking it seriously? Who's the suspect?
"My brother's friend was at the back and the man kicked him pretty hard in the back of the leg and started screaming, telling us to fight him and telling us he was gonna 'buss out his shank'," Jamie added.
"Then he got his phone out and put the flash on and started filming it, talking to the camera saying 'I’m gonna fight these seven on one' and then he kicked someone else we were with twice in the back of his legs and carried on shouting and following us toward our house.
She described the attacker as having had a khaki green cap on, brown hair, and wearing black tracksuit trousers.
What's the point of giving a description of clothing, and not race or physical features?

In the comments, we get more detail:

'I didn't think to comment on race'. Yet it's a descriptive feature that may assist in apprehending offenders. 

Well done, 'progressives'. You've built the future you wanted to see. Is it safer?


Bucko said...

I'm just surprised there was a bus running at 3 in the morning and a 51 year old man who wasn't in bed at that time

Agabango Wobadingpop said...

"The male was a white male"

I'm calling bullshit on that one. Even the wiggiest wiggers don't speak like that.

staybryte said...

Agabango. Look up Gary Oldman's carpet-chewing wigga pimp in "True Romance".

JuliaM said...

"I'm just surprised there was a bus running at 3 in the morning..."

It's a Boris initiative! It's led to more opportunities for stabbing under Sadiq, though. Swings and roundabouts...

"Look up Gary Oldman's carpet-chewing wigga pimp in "True Romance"."

Heh! Great film!