Tuesday, 14 January 2020

"“Where do these horses come from? Shouldn’t you have to microchip your horse like you do your pet?”"

It's a fair question. But we know the answer, don't we?
The footage - taken from the view point of a car following an illegal pony-and-trap race on Tuesday afternoon - has been viewed more than 100,000 times and shows two horses speeding along a section of A127.
The video ends as one of the horses veers off the road and collides at speed with the central reservation, sending both the rider and horse careering into the air.
Essex Police has also confirmed officers dealt with reports of a car crashing into two stray horses on the A127 near the Wickford turn off at roughly 1.40am yesterday morning.
It's not going to come as a surprise to them, is it?
It is unclear whether the two incidents are linked with Essex Police unable to provide details on the alleged racing or whether they had received any reports of it.
I expect you have so many of these reports you're unable to filter them properly, eh?


Ronan O'Ronan from Runwell said...

If only a political party would stand on an anti-Traveller/immigration moratorium platform, they'd romp it home.

Pick any scummy group you can think of and you can probably think of at least one redeeming feature or at least one representative who gave you pause, but this doesn't apply to these scumbags. Cancel them all in Minecraft. Think Antonovs, containers, Tilbury Docks, Atlantic.

Unknown said...

Hello love. It all seems to be going well. Just to say that I think H and M should keep their royal titles. If anything were to happen to either one of them then the public would be in uproar about them if they lost their titles. Ultimately the blame would be placed on you and HM. You need the public in your favour. Anyway, I'm sure you know what you are doing. This is just my two cents worth. Hope you are all ok. X

Anonymous said...

Well, they were wearing Hi Vis!

What a shame that no one ran over the crash victim.

The next time that horse crosses the finishing line it will probably be in a greyhound! Or a Tesco Lasagna.

Libertarian said...

I wonder what would happen if someone followed them blowing an air horn.

Just Trevor said...

They were possibly rushing in order to get home for baked hedgehog, a perfectly reasonable reason. We need to be more sensitive to these cultural issues.

Unknown said...

Although it seems the public want them to lose their titles. I guess they should be alright without them. They will probably make more money by being free than they do out of the public purse. It's ultimately up to you.