Friday, 19 June 2020

Crutches Don't Kill People, People With Crutches (And Knives) Kill People...

Gavin Garraway was stabbed to death Clapham Park Road on March 29, 2019.
During the trial the court heard how at 2.36pm on 29 March 2019, Gavin was driving with his brother through the Clapham Common area before turning onto Clapham Park Road when Chiata and Panton – who were on foot - suddenly began to pursue his car.
After the car crashed into a lamppost while trying to evade the pair, Panton and Chiata approached, the latter pulling out a large knife preparing to attack.
Once at the car, Chiata stabbed Gavin three times in quick succession. "At the same time Panton used the crutch he had with him and began to hit Gavin and his car with the item.
"During the attack, his brother tried his best to defend his brother with a crutch he too had on his person," a Met spokesperson described.
One wonders how they both came to be on crutches?
On Monday evening (June 8), a spokesperson for the Met Police confirmed that 20-year-old Zion Chiata of the Patmore Estate in Wandsworth had been found guilty of murder. A second defendant, Tishaun Panton, was convicted of Gavin’s manslaughter following the first trial.
Both men will now be sentenced together on a date to be confirmed, the Met said.
Ah, just more London enrichment then.


UsedtobeBanned said...

Driving a car but could not get away from someone on crutches? Or has a single crutch become the must have weaponized accessory for bad people ?

JuliaM said...

Remember the good old days, when sword canes were all the rage...? ;)