Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Lots Of Appointments In Samarra For This Family...

The toddler was one of four people, including his mother, who were shot in Energen Close, Harlesden, north-west London, on 3 June.
Detectives believe the attacker fired a handgun at a man in his late teens before shooting into a car containing the boy, his mother, another teenager, and two other children. He then fled on a motorbike.
Just more of London's enrichment? Well...
On Monday, the two-year-old boy’s grandmother, Lillian Serunkuma – who does not want to identify the child – said: “If you know the person responsible for this incident, you need to come forward and speak to the police. My grandson is two. He has never hurt anyone. The person who did this doesn’t deserve your protection or friendship.
“The gunman could clearly see that a woman and child were present in the car, and fired towards them without any regard for their safety, seriously hurting them both. My daughter has never hurt anyone and didn’t deserve to be shot multiple times protecting her child from harm.”
Does that name sound familiar? It should.


Thud said...

Perhaps if we take another statue down this will never happen again, or maybe not.

mikebravo said...

Or re-name Willesden New Mogadishu to show solidarity

Doonhamer said...

A handgun?
Can we get guns for other parts of the body?
The notorious nosegun much used by KGB assasins?

JuliaM said...

"Perhaps if we take another statue down this will never happen again..."


"Or re-name Willesden New Mogadishu to show solidarity"

I've never been to either. I plan to ensure it stays that way!