Friday, 26 June 2020

Sometimes You Read Something That Makes You Despair Of The Human Race...

...and this is one of those things:
Two police officers have been arrested after they allegedly took a selfie with the bodies of two sisters who had been murdered. Nicole Smallman, 26, and her half-sister Bibaa Henry, 47, were found dead in Fryent Country Park in Wembley, north west London, earlier this month - two days after they were reported missing.
Scotland Yard tonight revealed two serving Metropolitan Police Constables were arrested on Monday on suspicion of misconduct in a public office. Allegations pictures had been taken at the scene and shared with a 'small number' of others emerged last week. It was later claimed the officers took a selfie with the bodies of the women and shared it on WhatsApp.
There really are no words, are there?

Perhaps this will be an additional topic of conversation in Whitehall today?
Home Secretary Priti Patel has demanded a 'full explanation' from Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick after police officers were overpowered and forced to flee a 'mini riot' after a block party in Brixton last night.
...sources close to the Home Secretary say that she is expecting to speak to Dame Cressida first thing tomorrow morning to ask for a full explanation of what happened.
Clearly, the calibre of officers isn't what it once was. But then, looking at their less-than-inspiring leader, is anyone surprised..?


MTG said...

My gosh...we can't have psychos, sadists, cowards, cheats and racists in the farce. But wait, it can only be a couple of rotten apples hiding at the bottom of the barrel. Right, WC Jaded?

Joshua Le Trumpet said...

Our police have become out of control scum. There seems to be more rotten apples in the police barrel than good and wholesome ones. On a related matter, I hope that the carpeting that Cressida Dick is hopefully going to get at the Home Office results in her resignation. But, for her to resign because of the disaster that she has presided over at the Met would take some honour on Dick's part and I don't think that this person has any honour.

Feral said...

Entry conditions for a police officer should include integrity never mind a university degree.

Anonymous said...

I bet you got so excited Melvin when this story popped up. Like Christmas day for you.

Ed P said...

J le T: actually there are very few rotten apples in the ranks - it's the politicised management levels, especially Dick at the top, where the problems reside.

Melvin & Jaded: get a room!

Macheath said...

Only 'sometimes'? That asteroid is long overdue...

Just Trevor said...

Ed P, I have to disagree with you. The idea that it's only senior officers and management that are the problem is one of the comforting lies we tell ourselves. We do this about many of our institutions. I've a friend who works in a major Farce and what he tells me about police at all levels is terrifying. From the time he joined 15 years ago he's noticed an increasing number of new recruits are completely unsuitable physically and temperamentally, and a lot are hardcore SJWs.

Anonymous said...

Just like an attack on white people by a Muslim is "never representative of members of the religion of peace" while an attack by a white person is indicative of the wholesale racism of the British people. However,when a Police officer is attacked, stabbed, run down, dies by being dragged for over a mile, or shot while trying to uphold the law, no one really says anything except, "It's part of their job. They should expect that." Yet, when 2 uniformed cretins act like these morons did, it becomes indicative of every single Police officer being a sexual pervert, paedophile, moron, or someone without any moral standards at all. Yes, what they did was wrong and I sincerely hope they are sacked and do jail time. Almost everyone has a story to tell of racist, abusive, thieving, Police officers, which happened to them or a mate of theirs. These are the stories which make the news. Unfortunately, what doesn't usually make the news are the actions of the majority who their job professionally and quietly.
I was a front line Police officer for over 20 odd years, with quite a few commendations from the Police and also Crown and High Court judges for helping to put some real villains behind bars. Very few of these made the news, apart from a couple of lines on page 7 of a free newspaper. When I retired, all I seemed to get from the public was how nice it must be to have a cushy life with a huge pension paid for by the tax payer, but I was used to ignoring the ignorant and it never bothjered me.
Just remember that not all coppers are/were, bastards/morons/cretins/add your description here.

JuliaM said...

"There seems to be more rotten apples in the police barrel than good and wholesome ones."

I hope it only seems that way for the reasons Penseivat lays out.

"Only 'sometimes'? That asteroid is long overdue..."

I think I'll be cheering for the comets in Gerard Butler's upcoming flick...

"The idea that it's only senior officers and management that are the problem is one of the comforting lies we tell ourselves. "

Very good point.

"Just remember that not all coppers are/were, bastards/morons/cretins/add your description here."

I had to witness the nauseating spectacle of the women's mother all over the media claiming this is an example of 'institutional racism' in the police force last night. Since we don't yet know the race of the officers involved, is it wicked of me to hope they turn out not to be white?

Just to see the look on her face?