Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Well, Is He Wrong?

Burnley football club has apologised and vowed to hand out lifetime bans after...
Football hooliganism? Nah. This is 2020. Remember?

The year everyone lost their minds.
...a plane carrying a banner reading 'White Lives Matter Burnley' was flown over the Etihad stadium ahead of the team's match with Manchester City this evening.
Just imagine that being a 'disgraceful thing'. In the UK. Just a day after a Libyan 'refugee' repaid our generosity by murdering three people...

As the organiser is quick to point out:
Jake Hepple, a Burnley local, has claimed responsibility for the stunt sharing a video of the plane to his Facebook along with a refusal to apologise.
Hepple wrote: 'I'd like to take this time to apologise .. TO ABSOLUTELY F****** NOBODY!
'It's now apparently racist to say white lives matter (the day after three white people got murdered in a park in Reading, but all we've seen on the TV is black lives matter after George Floyd got murdered) what a mad world we live in.'
Is he wrong? I don't believe so. And I very much doubt everyone agrees with the club who are so quick to abase themselves, either.
The stunt has led to outrage and has been widely condemned, with Burnley captain Ben Mee saying he was 'shamed and embarrassed'. Speaking after the match, which his side lost 5-0...
I'm no football expert, but maybe that's a sign you should have trained harder at getting the ball in the net, rather than indulging in virtuesignalling gestures to appease a mob?
...he said that the Burnley players had heard 'whispers' that something may have been planned.
He said: 'I am ashamed and embarrassed that a small number of our fans have decided to fly that around the stadium. It is not what we are about. They have missed what we are trying to achieve.'
What, exactly, are you trying to achieve? I know footballers aren't generally reckoned to be smart, but you seem utterly unable to articulate it..
'These people need to come into the 21st century and educate themselves. They don't represent what we are about, the club is about, the players are about and the majority of fans are about.
'I've heard it is a small number that have arranged this and I hope it doesn't happen again. I don't want to associate it with my club. I don't want to see this in the game. 'It is not right. We totally condemn it. These people can learn and be taught what Black Lives Matter is trying to achieve.'
All that's missing is: '...or else!' Do you think he even really knows what this movement is trying to achieve, or how his lifestyle would change if they ever achieved it?
Burnley Police tweeted: 'We are aware who was involved, so are the club!! Thank you for reporting! This will be dealt with ASAP!'
I hope the pilot's paperwork is in order, because does anyone doubt for one second that the police will devote considerable manpower and resources - far more than they will expend on any other crime in Burnley - to trying to nail him for something?

And if that's not exactly the definition of a 'mad world', I'd like to know what is...


Nemisis said...

Well said.
All lives matter.
PC Plod will doubtless investigate this case far more diligently than he would a case of child sexual abuse.

DJ said...

This is why it's such an effective shiv. The more the usual suspects rant about Burnley Flying Club, the more obvious is their silence over Reading.

Fahrenheit211 said...

Nemesis. Without doubt you are sadly correct. The police will expend thousands upon thousands of pounds on dealing with this 'non crime' whilst ignoring completely real crimes including the Islamic Rape Gangs that seem to have become an endemic problem in parts of the UK.

My thoughts on this 'White Lives Matter' furore is it shows up the double standards of the Establishment. If it's 'racist' to say things like 'White Lives Matter' or even 'All Lives Matter' then why is it not equally racist to say something like 'Black Lives Matter'. I'm really glad to see that the person behind this is refusing to say sorry to the woke cult

Anonymous said...

Ben Mee, a man who had just got on his knees, was ashamed and embarrassed. The irony and lack of awareness is stunning.

Libertarian said...

BLM's actual goals need to be known by everyone; they're not shy about showing us exactly who they are.

Bucko said...

Well he'll certainly be arrested and appear in court. I really hope he doesn't do the usual trick and plead guilty. This needs to be faught all the way

Anonymous said...

BLM - may have once been some sort of charity to aid black people but now is a front for disruption, division, deception, disorder, destruction. Essentially to destroy civilian rule and order.

Stonyground said...

As a kid I remember being amused by a dictionary definition of the word idiot as:
A person of such mental deficiency as to be incapable of rational thought.

What then are we to make of people who say that WLM is racist but BLM isn't? As I see it, any society, no matter how well ordered, is going to have an underclass of hopeless under achievers. No particular race of people have a monopoly on this and, whoever they are, there is a tendency for them to blame their misfortune on anyone but themselves.

Anonymous said...

The communists/jews have hi jacked the blacks/anti white movement. All part of the luciferian NWO(new normal) the veil slipped due to the leave vote(HoC wiped their arses on those votes).
hard left media scum, pump propaganda 24/7 to overwhelm the whites to believe We Us you and me are the problem, the smug condescension and holier than thou attitude on display by the likes of the BBsCum (rats nest of communists) reassuring whitee that they know whats best, for us disgusting "racist" (whatever that means) white trash.

JuliaM said...

"The more the usual suspects rant about Burnley Flying Club, the more obvious is their silence over Reading."

Reading? Did something happen there?

It's already memory-holed.

"BLM's actual goals need to be known by everyone; they're not shy about showing us exactly who they are."

We know that. The media seem slow to catch on. Unless....they are their goals too?

"What then are we to make of people who say that WLM is racist but BLM isn't?"

Oxford Professors, it seems...

"All part of the luciferian NWO..."

Err... OK.