Friday, 5 June 2020

It's A Small Price To Pay, I Suppose...

Cornwall Council rented 45 caravans on the Monkey Tree Holiday Park near Newquay when the government told local authorities to house the homeless.
Gosh, what could go wr...

Oh. Right,
A shop has had several thefts, a worker had ribs broken in an alleged assault and police have also responded to numerous incidents at the holiday park.
But the caravan park said the temporary stability had helped many people.
While the (hopefully temporary) instability had harmed many. Including your own paying customers.
Pitch holders at the holiday park have reported having items including water sports kit and computer equipment stolen from their caravans and advertised for sale on local social media pages.
So, holiday park owners, was your virtuesignalling greed worth it?

Well, yes. After all, you can just take the money and wash your hands of the consequences:
A spokesman for the holiday park said: "The supervision of the occupants is solely the responsibility of Cornwall Council. We are aware of some anti-social behaviour in the Goonhavern area, but unfortunately the council or ourselves do not have any jurisdiction over the behaviour of people when they are not on the park."
How handy! All of the reward, none of the responsibility...

What about our representatives in local politics? Surely they will stick up for the hard working taxpayer?
Cornwall councillor Andrew Mitchell said: "Where laws are being broken and somebody is being physically attacked, that needs to be urgently addressed. We don't want to put up with actions like that, and smaller communities certainly shouldn't."
Some have been threatened with eviction, but Mr Mitchell said: "If they are evicted where will they go? Probably back on to the streets and at this time with covid-19 we really need to make sure everybody is protected."
By making sure some aren't.

A necessary sacrifice, Andrew? Still, I'm sure you live far enough away you know full well it's not going to affect you.

H/T: Peter Ward via email


Anonymous said...

Being a small community I'm sure that word would get round that campers on this site will be there at their own risk.
Short term gain for the site but long term pain.

Fahrenheit211 said...

Cornwall council virtue signals by housing scum but law abiding caravan owners pay the price. Sounds about normal for Britain these days.

Anonymous said...

Could it be the a predisposition to theft, violence and vandalism is the root cause of their homelessness?

Fahrenheit211 said...

Anon 11:07. I believe that you may have hit the nail right on the head there. Whilst anyone can fall foul of circumstances such as a marriage break up or not coping with discharge from the military, there are a lot of people who are homeless not because they are down on their luck, but because they are anti social arseholes. Many years ago I lived in shared houses and it only took one taxpayer funded pisshead or a 'care in the community' case to turn a reasonably OK living environment into a hell hole complete with destruction and violence.

Anonymous said...

Indeed so Fahrenheit, a local church here opened their hall to provide free food and shelter for the towns homeless. When they wouldn't allow drugs or alcohol to be consumed in their hall the homeless trashed the place in protest. That church no longer provides free food and shelter for them, how surprising.

Barbarus said...

"Goon haven"- had to laugh

JuliaM said...

"Short term gain for the site but long term pain."

Maybe, but they'll just advertise further afield. Plenty of people don't think to do a bit of research...

"Could it be the a predisposition to theft, violence and vandalism is the root cause of their homelessness?"


"That church no longer provides free food and shelter for them, how surprising."

That IS surprising, I'd have thought they'd have carried on...

""Goon haven"- had to laugh"