Monday, 22 June 2020

Surely The Key Aspect Of A 'Failed State'... that it fails to protect its own citizens:
Despite his violent convictions, he is thought to have avoided deportation because of the UK policy not to deport foreign nationals to 'failed states' like Libya.
So we may wonder if it would be appropriate to describe the UK as such...
In 2018, Saadallah was granted leave to remain in the UK for five years despite the convictions for violence.
A source told the Sun: 'Saadallah was on MI5's radar for a few months last year over his aspirations to travel to Syria.
'He had a history of violence and serious mental health problems so why was he granted leave to remain at all? There are major questions to be answered.'
There are indeed. Do you think we'll get those answers?
Among his other offences, in March 2019 Saadallah spat at Judge Sophie Toms at Reading magistrates court as she sentenced him for previous offences.
He has also been convicted of possession of a bladed weapon and assaulting a police officer, which landed him an eight-month jail term. He also threatened Sainsbury's guard Mr McDonald with a broken bottle of wine when challenged for stealing it.
And in yet another twist illustrating the futile justice system in this country, he was released 16 days ago after serving less than half of his current sentence.

We've nestled a cannabis-smoking paranoid schizophrenic viper in the bosom of our state for years, all so the Open Borders fanatics and bleeding hearts can feel good about themselves.

So tell me: how are we not also a failed state?


Feral said...

Enough is enough. They come to this decent country having failed to make their own country decent and have nothing but hatred towards us. They have all the laws under the sun on their side and still complain that the natives are racist and discriminate. They commit crime, burden our NHS, corrupt our children and take our benefits and kill us. Khan and co make statements that they are welcome in this country. Well the country voted for Brexit because they've had enough. Boris should now say 'No More!'. We've had enough. Time to get rid.

UsedtobeBanned said...

Still trying the old 'mental health' nonsense but I don't think his brothers cry of "Racism" is going to cut much ice this time.

microdave said...

This is (unfortunately) appropriate:

Anonymous said...

In my view nothing less than the death penalty will do, carried out in a way that most offends his co-religionists, and guarantees him no salvation according to his own creed.

Also in my view, everyone who conspired to keep the bastard in the country and set him free is as guilty as he is for his crimes. Each should be imprisoned, stripped of their assets (which should go to his victims' families) and be routinely flogged.

Bastards the lot of them.

PS. Of course he's insane. You have to be to believe what he does.

Fahrenheit211 said...

I wonder which 'refugees welcome' moron group helped this guy to both enter and stay in the UK. I doubt very much that he managed to achieve all that on his own? Some group must have helped him with his asylum claim, some group must have assisted him in staying in the UK despite his conviction and some 'refugees welcome' group must have helped to draft the UK Government policy that undermined the ability to deport him to Libya? I think we should know. I think that we should be told.

Anonymous said...

This post can be cut and pasted every single time one of these refugee vermin murder innocent people.
I would like to see the government sued by the victims family. For failing to deport this scum and those like him. A few huge payouts would focus the govt to take this matter seriously.

Robert the Biker said...

Lets put bounty on these monkey-boys! I'd gladly contribute, dead or so badly maimed they cannot function without 24/7 care which we refuse to pay for! Some tough lads in prison who would probably be really happy if their wives suddenly "found" a bag full of used notes, and only a small "accident" to be arranged; pity the Twins aren't still with us.

jannerfish said...

Payouts would do nothing. It's taxpayer money. Only incarceration and lamp-posts are effective.

Unknown said...

We really are stupid

MTG 1 said...

I have seen a few young, local people of 'no particular description' in my town....sorry, make that their town...behaving in silly, effected ways. Strutting about, trying to provoke trouble and responses; deliberately refusing to comply with simple covid-19 or other sensible constraints.

Far worse - Mr Plod has completely disappeared down his rat hole and probably wouldn't dare say a damn word to them, in any event. This is not going to end well.

JuliaM said...

"Enough is enough. They come to this decent country..."

Despite how racist it is! Makes you think, eh?

"In my view nothing less than the death penalty will do..."

But we're 'civilised' now. And aren't we safer?

"Some group must have helped him with his asylum claim, some group must have assisted him in staying in the UK..."

They all deserve a short stay in the Tower.

"This is not going to end well."

It didn't the last time, did it?