Saturday, 27 September 2014

Time For A Change – This Should Not Be Considered ‘Appropriate Care’

A Durham Police spokesman said tonight he remains in hospital with serious arm injuries, which continue to be described as “non-life threatening”.
“Police are aware that the injured man is also the owner of a number of other dogs.
“These dogs live at his property in Low Pittington.
“An assessment carried out by officers from the force’s dog support unit has concluded the remaining dogs are being cared for appropriately ...”

You really have to be kidding me, surely?

This is 'appropriate' living quarters for the sort of 'pets' capable of mauling someone so badly doctors have to finish the job of amputating the arm?

The sort of 'pets' where there's some doubt as to what needs to happen to them when this occurs?


Anonymous said...

I know the guy (or at least his wife) and the dogs do have a good standard of care. That photo' is NOT of the actual kennels, rather a one that would appeal to the drones who salivate at the chance of making ill informed comments.

BTW, the guy has completely lost his arm :(

Anonymous said...

Ripper is one of those talented pit bulls that tell jokes and bring fresh meat home every day.

He has everyone in stitches.

andy5759 said...

Chavs and their dogs. It has become a bit of a phenomenon hasn't it? I would do the same if I were a member of an underclass, apparently not only abandoned but victimised by those agencies which protect everyone else. My own experience suggests that most such people keep dogs for family security, and do a good job of it. There is a small, but not insignificant minority, who are where they are through being clinically thick, I pity any creature they encounter. How about dog owners requiring a licence?

JuliaM said...

"That photo' is NOT of the actual kennels.."

Oh, really? How come the others in the series have dogs in them? If not his, then whose..?

"He has everyone in stitches."


"Chavs and their dogs. It has become a bit of a phenomenon hasn't it? I would do the same if I were a member of an underclass..."

Prepared to sacrifice your kid - or as we see in the news this morning, your grandkid, to your 'burglar alarm'?

Licensing is just collective punishment.