Thursday, 4 September 2014

What's Taking So Long..?

Neelam Desai, 34, was arrested in April on suspicion of ten counts of fraud by false representation following an investigation by the Advertiser.
A month later she was sentenced to 30 months for orchestrating separate frauds relating to her discount travel business.
Desai, of Beulah Grove, Selhurst, is currently in Bronzefield Prison, in Surrey, and this week answered bail in relation to the dating website scams.
The Metropolitan Police confirmed today (Friday) that she has been re-bailed until a date in mid-February next year.
I know those wheels of justice grind slowly, but c'mon..!

Say, wait. That name seems familiar...
...three Met Police officers based in Gipsy Hill visited the Advertiser’s head office in Redhill, Surrey, on Monday to serve him with a Prevention of Harassment Letter.
He was told that the letter was a warning that if he contacted her again – either directly or indirectly – he could be arrested.
When he explained his actions and showed them the emails, he was told that journalists were afforded no special privileges.
One of the officers added: “You say you were just doing your job, but that’s what the News of the World and the phone hackers said.”
Ah, yes. I can see why the police are reluctant to get on with it. But what about the CPS?


Robert the Biker said...

Well.....she can play the bitch card, raghead card and brown card all at once!
I imagine our so PC and right on police farce are spinning about trying to avoid offending - except for the victims, but they dion't count do they.

perdu en france said...

Shaadi Introductions

What more can you say?

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